Year 6 residential

On Friday 8th of June 2018, 54 kids went on an extraordinary once in a lifetime trip to a place called Gaveston Hall.  I went on the trip with some of my friends – Diana, Beatrix, Rebecca and Amelia – and had the best time of my life.  I loved it so much, I forgot about my family.

First let me talk about the rooms.  If you look online the cabins look way too small and ugly but when you go there its so beautiful (other than the spiders, daddy long legs and mosquitos).  Once you clean up and set the beds, its the best, well I don’t know about the boys.  I was sharing a room with Diana, Beatrix, Rebecca, Sjyan, Shanaia and Preety and it was kinda fun.

Now we can talk about the IN2Action staff.  The staff were the best thing about the trip.  All of them were kind, funny and awesome.  There was little Liam, Demi (Pinky), Crazy Luke (looks exactly like the Jedi in Star Wars), Becky, Shane B (Nanny McFee – very big nose), Shane, Martha, Cheeky Charlie and Clara (butterfly girl).  If you go on the trip you will love them all – I guarantee it!

The activities we did were:  Archery, Tree climbing, hoverboarding, Aeroball, bush craft, sensory adventure, low ropes, Olympics, camp fire, night time forest hike  and many more.

I am positive you are gonna love it!

Alysha, Silver Class.

Nature shapes

In Art we drew dried poppy heads, urchins, pine cones, lotus heads, shells and some funny orange seed pods.

We started off drawing small pictures. We drew patterns and looked really carefully. We had to draw without looking at the paper, it was a bit tricky! We also drew without taking our pencil off the paper. Then we drew big pictures with charcoal on a big piece of paper.

We looked at an architect called Gaudi. He used things like skeletons, shells, coral and scales in his buildings. We really liked the colours he used.

Next week we will be planning a building using our drawings. It was a fun experience!

Maya and Cianna