Black history month

On the seventh of February ,we went to a theatre called Paul Robeson Theatre to learn about an author called Anthony McGowan.He was funny and interesting at the same time he also wrote a book called The Donut Diaries all about a boy called Dermot. There was a competition to see who got the best question. Unfortunately, none of us won any books but we still had fun!

Antony told us loads of stories about his childhood and it was super funny!! Antony was as silly as a monkey, he was so funny towards us and he is a good person!

When the show was finished, we got a chance to buy a book and get it signed by the author. Since we didn’t buy a book, my classmates and me got a paper and the author signed it. Then we climbed down the stairs to the parking lot … We got in the mini bus and drove back to school just in time for lunch.

We all enjoyed this trip and it was a great experience for us.

Written by Shanaia,Kim,Tashin and Samid.



Young Voices O2

  1. On the 7 the of February,  the choir went to the O2 . Not all of us could not go because only 30 people were allowed. Well it was first come first served.we walked to the train station . There were 15 stops . We were talking about what we were going to do at school. when we got off the train, we took the another train from Green park to North Greenwich. when we got off we walked for around 5 mins(We reached there at approximately 1:45). When we reached the O2 we went through the security check.Then we went up the steps event though there were escalators 😓. We walked to our block number (405).After that we went to our seats .We practice our lines for 3 hours & 15 mins . We had 45mins to eat our lunch.When we finished, we waited until all of the parents came in. Later on , we had an introduction for the parents and amazing performances by a group of beatboxers called “The Beatboxers Collective.Next we sang and a lady sang  . In her second song & we took part in it.😋. Later on a group of people came and danced they were called the Urban stride. Then we sang the songs it was fun.arfter we Sung our songs we sang the pop medley .There was lots of songs in the pop medley like 
  2. . Hello, shake it off, hold back the river and many others.we enjoyed our day at the O2 all thanks to our lovely teacher/choir teacher she Miss Was she really is the best😜:-).






  • What a busy week for year six ! With the SAT’s only 8 weeks(at school)away,we have been working really hard ,so says our practice SAT’s scores! Image result for children taking sats




                    Hopefully,the hard work will pay off.

Chess Competition

On Tuesday 17 January 2017 we went to a competition to play chess.we arrived at Kingsley Academy at 9:02ad we left at 8:30.My friends and I were very nervous but excited.when we came inside the hall at Kingsley the judges welcomed us in and told us to take a seat anywherewe want where ever the chess board are.They also told us to wait a couple of minutes.After 3 minutes we had to pair up with someone not from our school but Shlok , Zayd (my friends) and I were against the judges.Meanwhile,some of us finished we had our lunch break.There was pizza,sweets,mango juice and orange, Pepsi Max and crisps.After we had our lunch we had our lunch a women announced the starplayer.Then we put our coats on and went to our school mini bus.When we arrived back at our school we were very pleased, proud of ourselves for giving it all.

By Kuba Talaga

Year 5 Scarlet class

The Chess Tournament

On the 17th January, eight of us went to Kingsley academy for a chess tournament. We played against many other schools such as Hounslow Heath school ETC. The format of the tournament was that we played seven games each but some of us only played five or six. Our school came up fifth and the individual person who got the highest place was Tanchhohang at a tied 3rd. Then after playing we had free time and some pizza and sweets.

BY  Tanchhohang and Jamie-Leigh

Beyond The Deep Woods Review

We have been reading a book called beyond the deep woods and we would like to recommend this book to ages 10+. It is about a young boy named Twig which has been raised by wood trolls and he is destined to find his parents in the deep woods which means it will be a lifetime journey for him. 

Here is some of the blurb: abandoned at birth in the perilous Deepwoods,Twig is brought up by a family of woodtrolls. One cold night,Twig does what no woodtroll has done before-he strays from the path.

Minhaz and Navraaj

Silver Class


Year 6 Project

On Wednesday 4th January, Year 6 made light boxes out of  shoe boxes . We had to bring a shoe box from home, as part of our homework. We got in to partners with the person beside us. Firstly, we blocked all the holes that were already on the shoe box. After that, we cut a flip-flap on the top of the box. Then, we made a pencil hole on one of the sides. As a light source we used a torch. Inside the box we put an object. After that, our partners held the torch above the flap while we looked through the pencil hole. When we looked through the pencil hole we could see the object very clearly  because there was a light source. On the other hand, without the light source we could not see anything.

-Manraaj and Shubham


The experiment was very satisfying because our predictions were correct.