First week back ( in year 6 ) !

We came back to school on the 31st October “Halloween” 👻. It wasn’t that exciting as we had to do maths and English like any other day.Wednesday, the whole of year 6 took part in a 15 minute run and we played a really fun playground game called “capture the flag.” Thursday afternoon, the year 6 pupils did fun activities ; Jet class computing with Mr Romero; Silver class P.E with Owen and Ebony class art with Miss Bentley. Finally Friday’s here !😎😪

Darsh and Muhammad




Year 2 go back in time!

Today, we had a school day just like our grandparents might have had. First, we practised our spellings and timetables. We even got to use chalk! After play, we all had some milk and fruit. Then, the girls and boys went to different classes and did different activities. The girls did sewing and the boys made boats. The teachers were really strict! We looked at a punishment book from the past and we couldn’t believe their punishments! We had so much fun today! We would love to do this everyday!

Olivia, Feroza and Leo


I have never ever had milk in a carton before! – Ilyas

I loved working with my class on the chalkboards! – Diogo

It was very quiet in Sky Class today! – Kayden

I want you to carry on being this strict. – Avin

I think this was one of the best days in Year 2 because it was so fun!! – Ishika


Here are some photos of our day:



Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali from Year One!

We made different types of lanterns to celebrate different festivals of light.

If you are celebrating Diwali this week, enjoy! Here you can see the lanterns hanging from the ceiling!