Odysseus the Brave

Odysseus the brave

He likes to sail and save

Odysseus is as strong as an ox and as powerful as rocks.

Odysseus and his rage that could never put him in a cage

Odysseus the brave

When Odysseus came to the land of the dead

he thought that he would turn to thread

If he’ll fade, it might take a decade

Odysseus was a jaguar paw and he was unbreakable like a saw and anything he tore would be raw

Odysseus the brave

Odysseus is as strong as a crane

A brain to make it rain

He sits near flames that anyone maintains

Plus he sometimes accepts wild claims

Odysseus the brave

By Joey Hippolyte

year 5s week

On Thursday 7th December 2017 year 5 went on a trip to Twickenham stadium for a rugby tournament with other primary schools.we had fum playing rugby with all different schools.

We all achieved medals for our amazing rugby playing.we all had individual groups and we all had names.each group had four team leaders which all helped us play more.We all had a lot fun.

Today we carried on with our cross-curricular computing week. We have written raps about the UNICEF  rights of a child. In English today, we added music using purple mash 2beat on the laptops. It was awesome!  Some of our beats


Odd Socks Day

This week is Anti-Bullying Week. Year 2 have helped raise awareness by wearing odd socks to school today. They have had lots of fun showing off their socks and appreciating each other’s individuality.

Here are some pictures of  Aqua Class and their awesome socks:

Anti Bullying Week

Hi people, in school this week we focused on Anti Bullying Week! Today we will be talking about Bullying and how to prevent it.

Step 1 – Walk away.
Don’t respond. Just tell a trusted adult and I’m sure they will sort it out.

Step 2 – Don’t speak
If the bully tells you off for something you didn’t do. Don’t speak in the first place| If you do not speak there wont be anything to be told off for. You are also not getting yourself involved or rising to the situation.

Step 3 – Believe
If the bully says something fake about you make sure you don’t listen. Believe that it isn’t true, only listen to the ones with good hearts

Step 4 – Two wrongs do not make a right
Finally, do not be mean back! It will just make the picture wrong. You are better than a bully so show it!

By Gracie-Belle (Lilac)


What is Bullying?

Bullying is a super bad thing. There are many types of Bullying like Cyber-Bullying. Cyber bullying is

The worst because its online.

What can we do…

1.Ask the bullies to stop

2.Tell someone you trust

3.Help the targeted person

Thank you Axle for inspiring this. (Purple)


Thanks to the amazing homework guys. We wished we could of added more!

By Sahra and Jackson

Learning about levers

On Monday the 20th of November, children from year 5 and 6 were chosen to go to Lampton School and learn more about maths and physics. The children chosen were: Shlock, Ridwaan, Shanaia and me. Teachers also came as well. They were Mr Tibble, Mr Romero and Barbara Moses drove us there.We had fun on the minibus👍😀😀

When we arrived , we had to check in at the office . Our first activity of the day was a word search about maths and physics and then we had to sort the numbers into the Venn diagram so it all totals to the same number (it was very challenging😅 ). The next part was about push and pull ( forces). We discussed about how many forces there are in the world . 😍😎🌍

Our second activity was to balance discs on a pivot, that was fun. When we were doing the activity we worked with different schools and that was fun. 😀👍The teachers got involved as well. They even said it was challenging for them 😀👍

When it was 3 o’clock , it was time to go back to school everyone had great fun though and it was amazing learning and working with different people . 😍📚

Signed by Shanaia and Preety 😀👍