Our First Rock Hero!

What an incredible achievement from Manvir – 0.92 rock speed! That is our first Rock Hero and is only in Year 4!

Manvir, you should be really proud of your score – fantastic!!!

Beavers, who will our next Rock Hero be? Let’s get rocking those times tables!Screenshot 2018-12-08 at 18.04.31



Screenshot 2018-12-08 at 17.58.28


Year 6 Maths Challenge At Explore Learning Tuition



On Wednesday 5th December four children from Year 6 ( Shahmir ,Shobhit ,Emily, Manraj )  went to a maths challenge at the Explore Learning Tuition. We got there at approximately 12:00 and had our lunch there. We had to solve four challenges with a number line. They were very tricky but we tried our best and stayed determined to succeed. We ended up getting through to the semi-finals and we are not sure if we are into the finals which are at Cambridge University and we cant wait for the results!


Written by Emily

A poem on Evacuation


Bombing was said to have started,
And children were to be gone,
Evacuated to the countryside,
The phony war had come!

Little did they know,
What had just begun,
Children thought it was a holiday,
Filled with tons of fun!

The rumors were incorrect,
The bombing did not come,
Children then went back home,
Parents not knowimg what they had done!

By Emily

Written by Emily and Harmanpreet

Christmas Jumper Day 2018


Friday 14th December is Christmas jumper day at Beavers! Wear your Christmas jumpers and bring in £1 to help raise money for a great cause – to help create a brighter future for children. Let’s make the world better with a sweater!

Map Making!

Today we have been looking at maps and we are being inspired by them . We looked at pictures by Joyce Kozloff. She makes maps out of different materials including old maps, old pictures, portraits of people and paint. We used scrap paper and paint to make a collage . I enjoyed when we were painting because I like the colours! We have been learning about maps in geography. We are going to finish these next week so tune in next time!!




Prints charming

Today we were printing Islamic motifs and we used plasticise to make a shape and dip it into the  inky sponge. Then we put it on the paper. It was a lot of fun. After we done experimenting we chose our best design and printed it on coloured paper. At the end it turned out good.

by Radwan, Paulo and Sabrina