Back to School

Year 2 have had a lovely few days back at school after their Christmas holidays. They have worked hard at improving their knowledge and understanding in Maths and English and are looking forward to doing more work on their new Science topic: Scientists and Inventors.


Christmas with the Aliens

Christmas is nearly here!

Year Two have really enjoyed practicing for their Christmas production of Christmas with the Aliens.

We hope you enjoyed watching it!

Here are some photos of us in our costumes and performing.

Children and Teacher
Dancing star
Three Kings
Mary and Joseph



Odd Socks Day

This week is Anti-Bullying Week. Year 2 have helped raise awareness by wearing odd socks to school today. They have had lots of fun showing off their socks and appreciating each other’s individuality.

Here are some pictures of  Aqua Class and their awesome socks:

Our Favourite Animals

In Science, our topic is living things and their habitats and in Geography, our topic is where do our favourite animals live?

For homework this week, the children in Year 2 drew their favourite animals using Purple Mash and wrote a few sentences about them.

Here are some of our favourites:


Casey – Aqua Class


export (1).png

Shuaib – Aqua Class


export (2).png

Aaidah – Blue Class


export (3).png

Grace – Blue Class


export (4).png

Avin – Indigo Class


export (5).png

Flavius – Indigo Class


export (6).png

Isabella – Sky Class


export (7).png

Mantra – Sky Class

Year 2 go back in time!

Today, we had a school day just like our grandparents might have had. First, we practised our spellings and timetables. We even got to use chalk! After play, we all had some milk and fruit. Then, the girls and boys went to different classes and did different activities. The girls did sewing and the boys made boats. The teachers were really strict! We looked at a punishment book from the past and we couldn’t believe their punishments! We had so much fun today! We would love to do this everyday!

Olivia, Feroza and Leo


I have never ever had milk in a carton before! – Ilyas

I loved working with my class on the chalkboards! – Diogo

It was very quiet in Sky Class today! – Kayden

I want you to carry on being this strict. – Avin

I think this was one of the best days in Year 2 because it was so fun!! – Ishika


Here are some photos of our day: