A Healthy and Active Week for Year 2

This week Year 2 have really enjoyed looking at ways to keep healthy and be active. On Wednesday afternoon the children got the chance to taste five different fruits that they may not have eaten before: cherry, pomegranate, passion fruit, grapefruit and lychee. Most of the children found one or more new fruits that they enjoyed eating!

Also the children made fruits cups using the fruit they brought in. They very carefully sliced up the fruit and layered them in the cups. Thank you for bringing in such a great range of fruit.


Year Two were very excited this week as each class has had a delivery of tiny black caterpillars. We look forward to seeing how they grow up into butterflies and letting them go.

Here are some of the thoughts and questions we had about the caterpillars:

‘This one looks like it’s growing a cocoon so maybe it will grow into a butterfly.’ – Ishika

‘What do they eat?’ – Emmanuel

‘Are you going to release them when they are butterflies?’ – Maja

‘What pattern of butterfly will they be?’ – Kayden

Year 2 Fire safety visit

This week, Year 2 had a visitor from the Fire Brigade to speak about fire safety.

Here is some information that we learnt to keep safe:

Plan your escape and keep it clear every night.

Never leave cooking by itself

Don’t forget to blow out your candles and put them on a table

Switch your tv off at the plug before you go to sleep

Make sure you have a smoke alarm and test it!

Blue Class

Don’t forget to test your smoke alarms! If you don’t have one you can get one free from the local fire station


Image result for unicef logoArticle 6- Every child has the right to life and stay safe. Governments must do all they can to make sure that children survive and develop to their full potential.

Kew Gardens

Year 2 had a great time on our trip to Kew Gardens this Wednesday. We learnt a lot of interesting things about plants. Here are some pictures from our fantastic day out:

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