Year 2 artist visit!

Year 2 were very lucky last week, as we got to do some art with an artist! We created beads made of clay and sequin balls. We asked the artist questions about being an artist and she showed us some of her amazing art work!


Here are some photos of our arty afternoon:



Bradley- I love using clay!

Isra- These sequins are pretty.

Lah-nee – We got to meet a real artist!

What will we see on our journey around the world?

Year 2 have had a fun first week back after the half term.  Today, we started our new geography topic ‘ What will we see on our journey around the world? We enjoyed locating the continents and oceans on our own maps. We can’t wait to explore our new topic and to begin our journey around the world!


Here are some photos of us making a giant world map:

I loved making the world map on the floor! – Aleena

I love learning about the continents and maps! – Zarif

I love looking at maps! – Fabrizio

Year 2’s Journey to Space

Year 2 had an amazing Arts week! We did lots of exciting activities like making planets, creating pom pom aliens and even designing our very own space ships! We also developed our dancing, acting and photography skills in some fantastic workshops!

‘ I wish we could do Arts week every week!’ – Harmandeep

‘My favourite thing was making the rockets because it was really creative!’ – Lilli- Ann

‘ I loved making planets!’ – Melita

‘I loved paper mache because I had never done it before.’ – Harman

I loved Arts week! The drama was so fun!- Jack


Here are some photos of our fun filled week:

A Healthy and Active Week for Year 2

This week Year 2 have really enjoyed looking at ways to keep healthy and be active. On Wednesday afternoon the children got the chance to taste five different fruits that they may not have eaten before: cherry, pomegranate, passion fruit, grapefruit and lychee. Most of the children found one or more new fruits that they enjoyed eating!

Also the children made fruits cups using the fruit they brought in. They very carefully sliced up the fruit and layered them in the cups. Thank you for bringing in such a great range of fruit.