Our First Rock Hero!

What an incredible achievement from Manvir – 0.92 rock speed! That is our first Rock Hero and is only in Year 4!

Manvir, you should be really proud of your score – fantastic!!!

Beavers, who will our next Rock Hero be? Let’s get rocking those times tables!Screenshot 2018-12-08 at 18.04.31



Screenshot 2018-12-08 at 17.58.28

Map Making!

Today we have been looking at maps and we are being inspired by them . We looked at pictures by Joyce Kozloff. She makes maps out of different materials including old maps, old pictures, portraits of people and paint. We used scrap paper and paint to make a collage . I enjoyed when we were painting because I like the colours! We have been learning about maps in geography. We are going to finish these next week so tune in next time!!




Crazy Counters.

This week in mathes we have been playing a subtraction game and there are 5 things that people need to be.

one is a big number person and the big number person is someone who get the big counters.

And a small number person gets the counters that mr Elgar gives us.

And theres a person called the cheker and he or shy writes the anser on the bord And a calculator workes it out.

And last of all is the Exchanger and he well come to mr Elgar and ask e.g.: can I swap you a 10 for 10 100’s please 1 ten →10 ones.

and we swap after one round.

some times 2 or 3 people don’t have a Job’s and we are all in are house point Group lions, lepordes, tigers cheters, lions and what ever team win’s they get a house point one and leperd win all the time.

written by Ruby G. (Leopard Team), Lilac Class