Year 4 Swimming

This week, Year 4 had their first swimming lesson! Aqueelah and Cleopatra had lots of fun and wanted to let us know all about it.

I was so excited to go on the coach. Year 4 has finally gotten an experience to swim! When we arrived we were in a hurry so when we finished getting changed, we went to the pool. Some of us were scared and some of us where exited. Firstly the asked us who could swim. 4 or 3 girl’s said they can swim. My heart was pounding. My friend Julia in lavender class was more scared than I was. When it was my turn I felt my ear’s filling with water, kicking my legs to swim. But in the end it was fun, at the end of swimming we were in groups 1,2 and 3. group 1 – non swimers group 2 – semi swimers group 3 – swimer’s – Aqueelah N.

When i went swiming we hade to go in the pool whe we were walking acros ther was a life gurd. we cary on swiming intil the end of yere 4. – Cleopatra S.

Are you a TTRockstar?

TTRocktars is a fun and interesting game you can play online. It tests your times tables skills so you can get better at it.

Year 4 went into the hall and played it on the computers and huddles. We played it because then everyone could have a chance on it. Everyone got very excited about it. You can play against your classmates and people around the world. If you play a lot you will get money to buy things for your avatar.

Would you like to get better at your times tables?

Ryan and Advay

A fantastic KS2 Sports Day

What a fantastic end to the week: KS2 Sports Day. All week, the children had been competing in various challenges, representing their houses: tigers, cheetahs, leopards and lions.  There was so much determination in all the children and most importantly – happy faces. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we couldn’t have ask for more.

The scores are currently being added up: on first glimpse, it looks very close. Could we have some new house champions. Watch this space…