#iwill-Year 5 New Year Resolutions

Year 5 children are very excited to start the new year and set some goals for extra activities. Here’s a sample:


Goal 1: To visit a science laboratory and expand my knowledge of science
How: Work hard in science to make goal achievable

Goal 2: Design and make an electric model. This will help me in mechanics and computing
How: Develop my understanding of computing, coding and programming


Goal 1: To write a story for reception
How: I need to make an enjoyable and creative story

Goal 2: Learn to write a play
How: I need to develop my skills in drama and creative writing


Goal 1: Do a blind folded taste test
How: I will not cheat and try different foods

Goal 2: Plan and cook a meal
How: Ask my mum if I am allowed then get instructions from the internet or a book


Goal 1: Learn something about my local area
How: Tell my parents to explore Hounslow and I will learn

Goal 2: Plan and cook a meal
How: Get my dad to tell me how to cook and I will cook toast with butter or some beans with scrambled  eggs


Goal 1: Write a story to reception class
How: I have to be confident enough to do this. So I will have to try and get all the words right

Goal 2: To choreograph a dance
How: I will have to practice a dance and remember the moves. So I can teach it to over people.

Prints charming

Today we were printing Islamic motifs and we used plasticise to make a shape and dip it into the  inky sponge. Then we put it on the paper. It was a lot of fun. After we done experimenting we chose our best design and printed it on coloured paper. At the end it turned out good.

by Radwan, Paulo and Sabrina


Physics Masterclass @ Lampton

We went to Lampton Secondary School to take part in a Christmas physics masterclass. Through a Christmas themed activity we worked with other schools to make different electrical circuits.

“I liked how we got to play with real circuits and a big battery” – Jonavon

” I liked the app we used on the laptops” – Luke

“We met children from other schools” – Axel

“I enjoyed working with the other children. I even made a new friend” – Gracie-Belle

” I liked how we made a circuit together. I wouldn’t of been able to make it by myself” Adrian

We would love to go again!

Year 5 Math Challenge!

On Friday 16th November, a group of us went to Kingsley Academy to participate in a maths challenge. There were nine of us: Paulo, Diluc, Kamila, Sahra, Kai,Ben,Danny, Adam H and Kirandeep. We had traveled their by minibus and when we arrived we were asked to wait at the front reception.There was a lady there who gave us our team names with labels on it. Then, we were escorted to the Assembly Hall where there were four other school. Then our math challenge had begun. 😀

There was a man who introduced us to our first activity which was the Math Carousel. In this challenge, we were randomly asked to pick a table where a six-former would be sitting to tell us about the activity. When we had finished we were told to repeat the same routine, changing to different tables. We had one more challenge which was the Treasure Hunt.

In this challenge, we were given a sheet to mark the answers from the questions stuck up on the walls. We were given a six-former to guide us and hint us with questions.There were four places in this challenge.Unfortunately, Team 1 came last but Team 2 had come 3rd. At last, they had totaled up the scores and Leonardo from Beavers came 2nd and Newton from Beavers came 6th. This trip was amazing and extremely fun because we had the chance to expand our knowledge with six-formers. We had enjoyed it alot ❗

By Diluc and Paulo 🙂

What have we been up to this week?


Today we have been making chandeliers with the artist Joy Pirkle out of all of the bottles we have been collecting! We have had to cut the bottom of plastic bottles to create flowers by cutting out petals, adding tissue paper and colouring it in, they look really pretty! with the rest of the bottle we then had to turn it to spiralize for decorations. I think it’s been very good but there’s one downside: when your cutting it hurts your hands and fingers!

Don’t forget to do your homework, just click on the link and it will take you to it!

TTRockstars – https://play.ttrockstars.com/auth/school/student/6660  

Spelling Shed – https://play.spellingshed.com/#/login

If you want to do something else, you can print off this form (2018-Christmas-Card-Competition-Entry-Form) and create a Christmas card for Cool Milk!

By Jack (Scarlet class)