Feathers Fun

So today in art we made a load of different feathers. Some were on baking paper, some used ink and some we made out of felt and fabric. In the ink we used sticks to draw feathers all kinds of different shapes and sizes. On the baking paper we used graphite. The ink was hard because you had to try not to use too much and the sewing was hard to make because some looked like leaves. I liked the sewing and the baking paper because it looked so cool as it came out and it was really easy to draw on.

Ruby Class

A fantastic KS2 Sports Day

What a fantastic end to the week: KS2 Sports Day. All week, the children had been competing in various challenges, representing their houses: tigers, cheetahs, leopards and lions.  There was so much determination in all the children and most importantly – happy faces. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we couldn’t have ask for more.

The scores are currently being added up: on first glimpse, it looks very close. Could we have some new house champions. Watch this space…



Take One Picture

In year 5   we have been making a banyan that is like a dressing gown for the scientist in the picture . Men sometimes wore these in the 18th century .  In the picture the scientist is wearing a red banyan.   We  did some printing  of things to do with science and light like eyes, brains, explosions and birds . We also put white gloves on and painted a dressing gown with Brusho. We experimented with sprinkling salt on the paint. We decided to make the banyan into a advertisment for the scientist for his experiements so we made letters that say, Dr Englightenment  Risking Lives for science.

Year 4

Year 6

UNICEF Rights of the Child

For homework last week, our task was to create a poster based on UNICEF’s Convention of the Rights of the Child. We discussed what Articles we valued the most with our family and wrote about why they are important to us. After our posters were complete, we made video recordings presenting our posters and ideas. Below is a video from each Year 5 class! Presenting their videos are Nicolae from Ruby Class, Shobhit from Red Class and Nilab from Scarlet Class.



The proportion of People


We did a great lesson about drawing people.   We got to draw people, paint them and even use our teeth to cut them out of bread!

First we had to use a paint brush   and quickly painted people in different positions. We didn’t do details  and we sketched on top. We did it in proportion.


We looked at an artist called Giacometti. He made   models. They were like shadows of people after a war. They were not in proportion. We used  torches and figures to draw around the shadows.


We looked at an artist called Antony Gormley. He  made layers of bread and nibbled around a person  sleeping on the bread bed. We took a piece of bread and nibbled the shape of a human inside it. It was tasty!

Muskaan and Asma

STEAM week in year 5

On the last week of term, we celebrated STEAM week. This means Science, technology, engineering, art and maths.

Year 5 have been making bags.The bags where tricky to make.We had to sew them. Luckily there where no injuries .After we sew them we insulated them with silver thick plastic.Art was okay for us.Some art were tricky like can not use pencils to draw use crayons and we drew our own bags in our books.One afternoon we had to do a fair test with boats,string and heavy metal to test how fast it goes down.We had to go in 3 groups with 8 people.The boats where on sand and see how fast it goes.Most of them were 0.5 seconds.On Friday,We showed year 4 and 8 our bags.My bag was showed to the school.YEAR 5 LOVED IT!


Polar Explorers!

This week the whole school have become polar explorers for STEAM Week.

Miss Thompson and Miss Hopkins organised activities to help us learn about the Arctic and support the polar explorers in their expedition.

It has been a really successful week and a great end to this half term!

The children have enjoyed being polar explorers and it has given them lots of motivation for future work!

Here are some photos of what the whole school got up too!