Physics Masterclass @ Lampton

We went to Lampton Secondary School to take part in a Christmas physics masterclass. Through a Christmas themed activity we worked with other schools to make different electrical circuits.

“I liked how we got to play with real circuits and a big battery” – Jonavon

” I liked the app we used on the laptops” – Luke

“We met children from other schools” – Axel

“I enjoyed working with the other children. I even made a new friend” – Gracie-Belle

” I liked how we made a circuit together. I wouldn’t of been able to make it by myself” Adrian

We would love to go again!


Year Two were very excited this week as each class has had a delivery of tiny black caterpillars. We look forward to seeing how they grow up into butterflies and letting them go.

Here are some of the thoughts and questions we had about the caterpillars:

‘This one looks like it’s growing a cocoon so maybe it will grow into a butterfly.’ – Ishika

‘What do they eat?’ – Emmanuel

‘Are you going to release them when they are butterflies?’ – Maja

‘What pattern of butterfly will they be?’ – Kayden

Kew Gardens

Year 2 had a great time on our trip to Kew Gardens this Wednesday. We learnt a lot of interesting things about plants. Here are some pictures from our fantastic day out:

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Year 2 get STEAMing!

Year 2 really enjoyed STEAM week.

We learnt lots of new things. We built boats and investigated how to load them so they don’t tip over, we designed an animal that was adapted to survive in the Arctic, we investigated the effects on climate change on the ocean and we created a menu for Arctic explorers to make sure they had enough energy.

On Wednesday we had a fantastic DT day. We designed, created and evaluated a moving picture of animals that live in Antarctica.

We had so much fun this week, we can’t wait to do it again next year!

Here are some of our photos of the week:

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Polar Explorers!

This week the whole school have become polar explorers for STEAM Week.

Miss Thompson and Miss Hopkins organised activities to help us learn about the Arctic and support the polar explorers in their expedition.

It has been a really successful week and a great end to this half term!

The children have enjoyed being polar explorers and it has given them lots of motivation for future work!

Here are some photos of what the whole school got up too!

Duck Life

Year one had a memorable and rewarding experience with the ducks.

We took it in turns to look after the ducks, clean them out and taught them to swim in Miss Hopkins’ Paddling pool.

We named 6 of the ducks – Donald, Daisy, Daphne, Danny, Dottie and Doodle

and the other batch of 5 ducks – Max, Rosie, Joy, Freddie and Lucky

We were very sad when they went back to their farm in Lancashire.


‘We will never forget them!’

‘WOW, There so fluffy!’


Heart Dissection

Before Christmas, in December, Year Six were dissecting lamb hearts.

We had to work in groups of three and cut open the heart. Each group got one lamb heart. Then, we had to watch a video of a woman who dissected a heart all the way through. We will share with you some experience  that we had.

Victoria: My group had me, Shakira and Diana in it. I was the person who mostly did the cutting because I had lots of experience. Miss Antoniou took some pictures of us and here is a picture of my group: 

Jesica: In my group I had me, Elizabeth and Amelia. I did most of the cutting, just like Victoria, because I love dissecting. One thing I hated was the smell. It smelt like moldy cheese. Here is a picture of my group: 

It was very fun and impressive to the teachers. I hope we do something like this again!

Tuesday 30th January 2018,

Victoria & Jesica.