Early Years and KS1 Compete in their Sports Day 2017

Children from Early Years and KS1 competed in their Sports Day on Tuesday 20th June 2017. All children took part and work incredibly hard for their team. The sun was out in full-force but that didn’t stop the children. All staff said how much they enjoyed it and there was fantastic support from the spectators. The events tested different skills: balance, speed, coordination, team work, encouragement, determination and many more!

Well done to all involved! Looking forward to future events.



Y6 Complete their Hexathlon

This morning, Y6 completed their hexathlon event out on the school field. The specialisms were throwing for distance, throwing for accuracy, sprinting, long distance, standing long jump and speed-bounce. Everyone gave it everything and there were some wonderful individual displays. All of Y6 were a credit to their houses and earned each of them huge points. Here

600 Complete HIIT Session at Beavers

To kick off Super Healthy Active Week here at Beavers, all children and staff from Y1-Y6, took part in a HIIT (high intensity interval training) session out on the school field. All children and staff were fantastic – everyone was working really hard in the super hot sun and it was wonderful for us all to be out there together.

If you want to try it at home and show off your fitness skills:

Work for 35 seconds and rest for 25 seconds.

1. Warm up first
2. Climbing the rope
3. Squat and punch (left, right)
4. Kangaroo jumps
5. Star Jumps

Repeat 3 times.

Again, well done for a super start to the week!

Mr Tibble

Quad-Kids Athletics @ Beavers

On Thursday 25th May 2017, children from Year 5 and 6 – Aaliyah, Morgan, Sharon, Devine, Samira, Shubham, Rayan, Nowaf, Larrel and Khalid – competed in the Quad-Kids athletics competition here at Beavers. There were four events in total: vortex throw, standing long jump, 75m sprint and 300m long distance run. Everyone competed fantastically in the hot sun- the children had a wonderful time and showed wonderful resilience, determination and team work.

A big thank you goes out to Sonakshi, Jaida, Jamie, Jake, Yasmin, Krysten, Nedas, Rutvik and Charlie for helping with scoring, timing, pictures and all the other many things you did- thank you so much. Also, Miss Smith, Miss Coulston and Mr Lording – thank you very much for your wonderful help.

Finally, some excellent news – we are through to the borough finals – let’s get practising!


Mr Tibble




Wembley Stadium Trip

On Saturday we (year 6 girls) went to Wembley Stadium to watch the Women FA Cup Final,which was Man city VS Birmingham, along with Mr Tibble and Miss Thompson.The match was brilliant,awesome and wicked even though it was a long journey since we traveled by Tube(under ground train station).

The goalies were amazing and compared to the men,the women had more team work!Plus one of the female players made a header into the goal!We were surprised that Birmingham actually scored!The football match had something called a ‘Mexican Wave’ when everyone had to stand up and lift there arms up in the air.We enjoyed the game because Man City won but we felt sorry for the female players in Birmingham since they only scored one goal.There were many injures but the woman hadn’t given up.

By Josna,Anastasija,Zarrin,Jamie,halima.

Rugby Workshop

Yesterday, we had lots of fun especially when we didn’t know what we were going to do.We were just asked to go to the hall. When we went there, we saw our rugby coaches. They told us that we were going to make a long paper chain. Each year 5 class took part in it. It was really a competitive task. I think our class made the longest paper chain :-)Then, we were supposed to think of some things about sportsmanship and team work and how important they are in our life.
By -Shivani-


Year 6

Beavers school competes in cross-country!

On Tuesday 4 October, Year 6 children competed in a cross-country in the favour of representing our school. These children were : Arica, Arian, Morgan, Oliver, Jake, Sharon, and many more.Everyone who went to this amazing opportunity tried their hardest and some people even won!   For example: Morgan Banks  won the 120 m race and came 1 in the race!