Year 3/4 Sports Day at Cranford Community College



Thursday was such a great day! Ten children from Years 3 and 4 travelled on a coach to Cranford and when we got there we went into a large, white dome. Inside, we took part in team activities like rugby, football, tennis, hockey and hurdles. We didn’t win but we had lots of fun! With us were Miss Jan East, Mr Hone and Darnell – who did the floss in front of all the people watching.  Alana – Jade Class

SDC10135On Thursday, I was chosen to go on  school trip to Cranford Community College. We had so much fun! As well as taking part in all of the activities, the funniest part was when Darnell did the floss in front of all the people in the large dome.  Jolie – Jade Class

On Thursday, Jolie, Alfie, Carl, Keaton, Ramal, Alannah, Cianna, Olivia, Maurice and me where chosen to go on a sports trip to Cranford Community Centre. I tried jumping over the hurdles and ran really fast during the races. We had lunch and then watched the final. We had so much fun. Jaylea – Green Class

Sport Relief in Year 2!

All the Year 2 classes had great fun today seeing how many steps they could take around the MUGA by walking or running!

We kept a tally of how many laps of the MUGA each child achieved and then added the scores together to find the class total. We then used this to calculate how many steps around the MUGA each class had taken.

The totals are as follows:

  • Aqua Class: 275 laps (55,000 steps)
  • Blue Class: 280 laps (56,000 steps)
  • Indigo Class: 252 laps (50,400 steps)
  • Sky Class: 262 laps (52,400 steps)

The children showed great determination to do their best and I was very proud of the sportsmanship and encouragement they gave each other.

‘This is so fun!’ – Ilyas

‘I did 17 laps.’ – Ayaan

Football Compition

At football we were playing Hounslow Heath,St Michael St Martins and Grove Road. There were two teams In Beavers.Beavers white and beavers green. Beavers white came 5th ,Grove Road came 4th,Hounslow Heath came 3rd,St Michael St Martin came 2nd and beavers green came 1st.Maya, Nisrine ,Sean,Prachi,Samanta,Alysha Haris ,Divine ,Darsh, Larrel , Mason, Hussain,Sheema ,Salman,Aliza Samira, Barrek, Noah,Saksham,Adam ,Hayden ,Jesica ,Kuba Kuba went to the compition.Beavers green are in the final vs St Michael St Martin. Beavers green got 11 poits , st Michael st Martin got 10 points, Hounslow Heath got 5 points beavers white got 3 points ,Grove Road got 4 points .

Osterly park cross – country

On  Tuesday 7th November 2017 me, Prachi ,Labeeb, Nathan,   Muhammad, Haris, shakira, Adam, Preety, Divine, Samira and  Sheema were chosen to attend the cross – country run in Osterly park . It was so much fun but tiring at the same time . We had to run for at least 1600m and we had a very hard time when we were running .😰😥

Sheema was in 5th place for the girls and Larrel was in 24th place for the boys . We had a great time there and we enjoyed it so much.

From Nisrine and Prachi