Our First Rock Hero!

What an incredible achievement from Manvir – 0.92 rock speed! That is our first Rock Hero and is only in Year 4!

Manvir, you should be really proud of your score – fantastic!!!

Beavers, who will our next Rock Hero be? Let’s get rocking those times tables!Screenshot 2018-12-08 at 18.04.31



Screenshot 2018-12-08 at 17.58.28


Year 6 Maths Challenge At Explore Learning Tuition



On Wednesday 5th December four children from Year 6 ( Shahmir ,Shobhit ,Emily, Manraj )  went to a maths challenge at the Explore Learning Tuition. We got there at approximately 12:00 and had our lunch there. We had to solve four challenges with a number line. They were very tricky but we tried our best and stayed determined to succeed. We ended up getting through to the semi-finals and we are not sure if we are into the finals which are at Cambridge University and we cant wait for the results!


Written by Emily

Crazy Counters.

This week in mathes we have been playing a subtraction game and there are 5 things that people need to be.

one is a big number person and the big number person is someone who get the big counters.

And a small number person gets the counters that mr Elgar gives us.

And theres a person called the cheker and he or shy writes the anser on the bord And a calculator workes it out.

And last of all is the Exchanger and he well come to mr Elgar and ask e.g.: can I swap you a 10 for 10 100’s please 1 ten →10 ones.

and we swap after one round.

some times 2 or 3 people don’t have a Job’s and we are all in are house point Group lions, lepordes, tigers cheters, lions and what ever team win’s they get a house point one and leperd win all the time.

written by Ruby G. (Leopard Team), Lilac Class

Year 5 Math Challenge!

On Friday 16th November, a group of us went to Kingsley Academy to participate in a maths challenge. There were nine of us: Paulo, Diluc, Kamila, Sahra, Kai,Ben,Danny, Adam H and Kirandeep. We had traveled their by minibus and when we arrived we were asked to wait at the front reception.There was a lady there who gave us our team names with labels on it. Then, we were escorted to the Assembly Hall where there were four other school. Then our math challenge had begun. 😀

There was a man who introduced us to our first activity which was the Math Carousel. In this challenge, we were randomly asked to pick a table where a six-former would be sitting to tell us about the activity. When we had finished we were told to repeat the same routine, changing to different tables. We had one more challenge which was the Treasure Hunt.

In this challenge, we were given a sheet to mark the answers from the questions stuck up on the walls. We were given a six-former to guide us and hint us with questions.There were four places in this challenge.Unfortunately, Team 1 came last but Team 2 had come 3rd. At last, they had totaled up the scores and Leonardo from Beavers came 2nd and Newton from Beavers came 6th. This trip was amazing and extremely fun because we had the chance to expand our knowledge with six-formers. We had enjoyed it alot ❗

By Diluc and Paulo 🙂

Are you a TTRockstar?

TTRocktars is a fun and interesting game you can play online. It tests your times tables skills so you can get better at it.

Year 4 went into the hall and played it on the computers and huddles. We played it because then everyone could have a chance on it. Everyone got very excited about it. You can play against your classmates and people around the world. If you play a lot you will get money to buy things for your avatar.

Would you like to get better at your times tables?

Ryan and Advay