Stone Age Homework

Last Half Term, Year 3 were learning about the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

For their Half Term homework, they were asked to design and create something symbolic from one of these periods. The children worked very hard and here is what they made.

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We make the huts roof with straw and make it like a pyramid and make the house with sticks and make it very very straight. If you want to make an axe, you have to get a very very long stick and after get the head of the axe and get some string to stick the head on to the very very long stick and it will attach together and it will stick. To make Stonehenge, you have to get some clay and make it into a rectangle and put it in a big hot oven and the clay will dry and get very very hard and if you drop it it will break into little pieces of tiny crumbs and you can’t fix it back together again because it will break very badly and we have to put it in the bin.



I was learning about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. In Stone Age there are three parts but if you want to be posh you can call it Palaeolithic. It is the first part and the second one is Mesolithic and the last one is Neolithic. In the trip they said they are hunter-gatherer. In Palaeolithic are cavemen and hunter-gatherer. In Mesolithic are 50% hunter-gatherer and in Neolithic are 100% farmer.


Year 2 go back in time!

Today, we had a school day just like our grandparents might have had. First, we practised our spellings and timetables. We even got to use chalk! After play, we all had some milk and fruit. Then, the girls and boys went to different classes and did different activities. The girls did sewing and the boys made boats. The teachers were really strict! We looked at a punishment book from the past and we couldn’t believe their punishments! We had so much fun today! We would love to do this everyday!

Olivia, Feroza and Leo


I have never ever had milk in a carton before! – Ilyas

I loved working with my class on the chalkboards! – Diogo

It was very quiet in Sky Class today! – Kayden

I want you to carry on being this strict. – Avin

I think this was one of the best days in Year 2 because it was so fun!! – Ishika


Here are some photos of our day:



What was school life like when our grandparents were young?

In our history lessons, we have been discovering what school life was like when our grandparents were younger.

Here are some of Year Two’s thoughts on what life may have been like:

‘They wouldn’t have studied history because they were a part of history.’ – Ellis

‘They wouldn’t have had whiteboards, they would have had chalkboards instead.’ – Aden

‘I think they used to write with feathers.’ – Archie

‘They worked really hard so they always got As.’ – Neeve

‘They had to miss their playtime because the teachers were really strict.’ – Caitlin

‘I wouldn’t want to do P.E. because they had to do it in their pants and vest.’ – Matthew

‘Schools had high windows so that children couldn’t look out of them when they were working.’ – Lauren

‘They ate rotten food for lunch.’ – Isabella

‘I don’t think they had computers.’ – Anuraj

Stone Age trip to Gunnersbury Park

Year 3 went to Gunnersbury Park and it was lots of fun! Here are some pictures.

I liked flint knapping because the stones got smaller. Also the football was fun because I kept on getting the ball. – Martin King

I felt so excited but I never knew we had to walk that long. It was so fun when we got to the park. We learned they ate animals. – Avneet Chawla

Black history month

On the seventh of February ,we went to a theatre called Paul Robeson Theatre to learn about an author called Anthony McGowan.He was funny and interesting at the same time he also wrote a book called The Donut Diaries all about a boy called Dermot. There was a competition to see who got the best question. Unfortunately, none of us won any books but we still had fun!

Antony told us loads of stories about his childhood and it was super funny!! Antony was as silly as a monkey, he was so funny towards us and he is a good person!

When the show was finished, we got a chance to buy a book and get it signed by the author. Since we didn’t buy a book, my classmates and me got a paper and the author signed it. Then we climbed down the stairs to the parking lot … We got in the mini bus and drove back to school just in time for lunch.

We all enjoyed this trip and it was a great experience for us.

Written by Shanaia,Kim,Tashin and Samid.