Saving Samuel Pepys!

We made a street full of houses from the Great fire of London.

We used the beebot and pretended he was samuel pepys, we had to save him from the fire.

We has to program Samuel Pepys to get him out safely.

We had to keep trying as the beebot kept running into houses 🙂

Eventually we saved Samuel Pepys!


Great Fire of Beavers!

We have been learning about the Great Fire of London in Year One.

So we have created our own Tudor houses and recreated the Great Fire of London.

‘the fire started in the bakery and then the houses were close together’

‘oh no my house is going to burn down!’

‘The houses were burning down very quickly because it was windy and the oven was still on and the houses were made of wood and they were really close to each other’

‘We loved seeing the fire and how it became a great big fire’

Ian and Carlos helped us to be safe and he put the fire out safely. DSC02083DSC02099DSC02115DSC02120DSC02140edited

Rosie Postie’s Postal Paradise

Year One went to visit Rosie Postie at the Postal Museum in London.

We had a brilliant time! We got to learn about the first ever stamp called the Penny Black and designed our own stamp. We also acted out the story of the Post that was delayed by a lioness. We were Protectors of the Post.

There was a MASSIVE playarea that was like a little town and everything us Jolly Posties needed to deliver the letters to the town.

We then visited the museum and saw how they used to deliver post and how it has changed.


Jasmine Class were even filmed for the Postal Museum’s Learning Programme…. Watch this space we are going to be stars!!

Stone Age Homework

Last Half Term, Year 3 were learning about the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

For their Half Term homework, they were asked to design and create something symbolic from one of these periods. The children worked very hard and here is what they made.


We make the huts roof with straw and make it like a pyramid and make the house with sticks and make it very very straight. If you want to make an axe, you have to get a very very long stick and after get the head of the axe and get some string to stick the head on to the very very long stick and it will attach together and it will stick. To make Stonehenge, you have to get some clay and make it into a rectangle and put it in a big hot oven and the clay will dry and get very very hard and if you drop it it will break into little pieces of tiny crumbs and you can’t fix it back together again because it will break very badly and we have to put it in the bin.



I was learning about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. In Stone Age there are three parts but if you want to be posh you can call it Palaeolithic. It is the first part and the second one is Mesolithic and the last one is Neolithic. In the trip they said they are hunter-gatherer. In Palaeolithic are cavemen and hunter-gatherer. In Mesolithic are 50% hunter-gatherer and in Neolithic are 100% farmer.