Walking for water

Year one have been walking for water because it is for charity.

We have been sponsored to walk as far as India!

We have walked around the field and playground, lots and lots of times to cover the same distance from here to India

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Round the world

We were giving mysterious bags delivered by heathrow airport. They told us to open it and look for clues as to who the bag might belong too. We found lots of things from around the world and a story book called ‘The story tree’.

We got to try the big backpack on…. it was very heavy!

The teachers shared some of their stories from when they have been around the world.

Miss Hopkins told us about swimming with turtles, looking after elephants and even stroking a tiger!

Year 2 get STEAMing!

Year 2 really enjoyed STEAM week.

We learnt lots of new things. We built boats and investigated how to load them so they don’t tip over, we designed an animal that was adapted to survive in the Arctic, we investigated the effects on climate change on the ocean and we created a menu for Arctic explorers to make sure they had enough energy.

On Wednesday we had a fantastic DT day. We designed, created and evaluated a moving picture of animals that live in Antarctica.

We had so much fun this week, we can’t wait to do it again next year!

Here are some of our photos of the week:

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