E safety rules

We know how to be safe online, we made some videos to tell you the rules

We have been learning lots in computing this year.

We have learnt how to video record, how to be safe online and some what some functions are on the computer for example – maximise and minimise

We also know about some buttons on the keyboard and their jobs



Physics Masterclass @ Lampton

We went to Lampton Secondary School to take part in a Christmas physics masterclass. Through a Christmas themed activity we worked with other schools to make different electrical circuits.

“I liked how we got to play with real circuits and a big battery” – Jonavon

” I liked the app we used on the laptops” – Luke

“We met children from other schools” – Axel

“I enjoyed working with the other children. I even made a new friend” – Gracie-Belle

” I liked how we made a circuit together. I wouldn’t of been able to make it by myself” Adrian

We would love to go again!

Our Rocking Week

This week in year 5, We have been doing TTRockstars in a math lesson.

We all had to make sure we did studio, to set our baseline speeds. We all had fun versing each other on arena, and challenging each other on rock slam. On the arena, our teacher sometimes joined in! We all had alot of fun.

TTRockstars is alot of fun. I like it because you can improve your times tables scores in a fun way. Me personally, got quicker myself, so i’m sure you will too.

We also kept a list of who has been going on the most at home:

Scarlet (75% of the class active this week) – Talha went on everyday in the week!
Crimson (61% of the class active this week) – Maiyah and Manawwara went on twice this week!
Red (38% of the class active this) – Diluc, Zech and Hiyam went on twice this week!

Well done guys, I am hoping I will beat my own score next week!


As promised, here are some of the PowerPoint from last week:


We hope you enjoy them!


-Gracie-Belle and Amy