UNICEF Rights of the Child

For homework last week, our task was to create a poster based on UNICEF’s Convention of the Rights of the Child. We discussed what Articles we valued the most with our family and wrote about why they are important to us. After our posters were complete, we made video recordings presenting our posters and ideas. Below is a video from each Year 5 class! Presenting their videos are Nicolae from Ruby Class, Shobhit from Red Class and Nilab from Scarlet Class.



Walking for water

Year one have been walking for water because it is for charity.

We have been sponsored to walk as far as India!

We have walked around the field and playground, lots and lots of times to cover the same distance from here to India

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Polar Explorers!

This week the whole school have become polar explorers for STEAM Week.

Miss Thompson and Miss Hopkins organised activities to help us learn about the Arctic and support the polar explorers in their expedition.

It has been a really successful week and a great end to this half term!

The children have enjoyed being polar explorers and it has given them lots of motivation for future work!

Here are some photos of what the whole school got up too!

Black history month

On the seventh of February ,we went to a theatre called Paul Robeson Theatre to learn about an author called Anthony McGowan.He was funny and interesting at the same time he also wrote a book called The Donut Diaries all about a boy called Dermot. There was a competition to see who got the best question. Unfortunately, none of us won any books but we still had fun!

Antony told us loads of stories about his childhood and it was super funny!! Antony was as silly as a monkey, he was so funny towards us and he is a good person!

When the show was finished, we got a chance to buy a book and get it signed by the author. Since we didn’t buy a book, my classmates and me got a paper and the author signed it. Then we climbed down the stairs to the parking lot … We got in the mini bus and drove back to school just in time for lunch.

We all enjoyed this trip and it was a great experience for us.

Written by Shanaia,Kim,Tashin and Samid.