Our Favourite Animals

In Science, our topic is living things and their habitats and in Geography, our topic is where do our favourite animals live?

For homework this week, the children in Year 2 drew their favourite animals using Purple Mash and wrote a few sentences about them.

Here are some of our favourites:


Casey – Aqua Class


export (1).png

Shuaib – Aqua Class


export (2).png

Aaidah – Blue Class


export (3).png

Grace – Blue Class


export (4).png

Avin – Indigo Class


export (5).png

Flavius – Indigo Class


export (6).png

Isabella – Sky Class


export (7).png

Mantra – Sky Class

African Art

Year One have been reading the story of ‘The Leopard’s Drum’ by Jessica Souhami.

This inspired us all to create beautiful African sunset silhouettes and here is the result!

‘It is so pretty, look at the colours’

‘I think its very hot there because the sun is big and bright’