Something fishy in Jet Class


On Thursday 8th February 2018, we were doing an art lesson linked to our STEM week. We drew squid and fish, which penguins eat. In today’s lesson,we started with drawing a fish with a pen on an A4 piece of paper. We did some blind drawing when we had to not look at the paper but at the dead fish. We also did some continuous line drawing where you are not allowed to take the pen off the paper. We used watercolours to add a bit of colour. Did you know squid are a bit pink?

Samid said: “I loved drawing something real,’

Darsh said, ‘I used backwards-forwards drawing to draw accurately,”

Muhammed said, “I found it interesting because we had something real in front of us,”

by Jet Class

What’s Under the Ice?

Yesterday, we were using water colors to paint an iceberg in the Antarctic Ocean. Icebergs may look quite small on top, but they’re huge underwater!

We were using different shades of green and blue. There were many sea creatures such as krill, whales, coral and fish. Do you know that a whale is the biggest creature in the Antarctic Ocean?

A few other items we used were black oil pastels and salt. The reason we used salt was to give the water some texture. We made the water go darker and darker as it went deeper.

We also had to put in some penguins on the iceberg and swimming in the water.

We made it in the Infant Hall and it was on a really long piece of paper. The bottom of the ocean looked beautiful because it had colorful coral.

Kamila (Purple Class)


Comic Club!

My first time at Comic Club was the best because I got to make my own comic, eat biscuits and read comics for ideas. I read one comic (so did the others). I drew two characters against each other. In the comic they help each other against the hacker of GD. Their friend Breaker 28999 Meme was stuck in the hackers vault. There were a lot of people at Comic Club. People I know that were there were Ruby and Gracie-Belle. Ms Bentley was the leader. I really enjoyed the first time at Comic Club. I’m excited for my second time at Comic Club!

by Ben in Lavender Class

Holly’s amazing art

Today we had a special guest called Holly she showed us all different types  of art like abstract shading  and photography. She is a art student  and an amazing  artist so hopefully she becomes a artist in the near future .

We had a lot of interesting questions we enjoyed having her in our class . She has been many places like France, USA and Paris. She used different types of materials like a pallete knife, charcoal and oil pastels.

by Abbas and Varisha




Red Class

Our Favourite Animals

In Science, our topic is living things and their habitats and in Geography, our topic is where do our favourite animals live?

For homework this week, the children in Year 2 drew their favourite animals using Purple Mash and wrote a few sentences about them.

Here are some of our favourites:


Casey – Aqua Class


export (1).png

Shuaib – Aqua Class


export (2).png

Aaidah – Blue Class


export (3).png

Grace – Blue Class


export (4).png

Avin – Indigo Class


export (5).png

Flavius – Indigo Class


export (6).png

Isabella – Sky Class


export (7).png

Mantra – Sky Class

African Art

Year One have been reading the story of ‘The Leopard’s Drum’ by Jessica Souhami.

This inspired us all to create beautiful African sunset silhouettes and here is the result!

‘It is so pretty, look at the colours’

‘I think its very hot there because the sun is big and bright’