Year 2’s Journey to Space

Year 2 had an amazing Arts week! We did lots of exciting activities like making planets, creating pom pom aliens and even designing our very own space ships! We also developed our dancing, acting and photography skills in some fantastic workshops!

‘ I wish we could do Arts week every week!’ – Harmandeep

‘My favourite thing was making the rockets because it was really creative!’ – Lilli- Ann

‘ I loved making planets!’ – Melita

‘I loved paper mache because I had never done it before.’ – Harman

I loved Arts week! The drama was so fun!- Jack


Here are some photos of our fun filled week:

Arts Week in Year One

We had a great week on our journey through the jungle.

We made our own sketchbooks to fill with stuff from our journey.

We looked at different artists and made paintings like them

we made a shelter using our big paintings and natural materials.

Lots of people came into school and taught us photography, drama and dance skills. IMG_1685IMG_1690IMG_1699IMG_1705IMG_1727IMG_1729IMG_1730IMG_1731IMG_1732IMG_1735IMG_1740IMG_1745IMG_1751IMG_1752IMG_1753IMG_1755IMG_1762IMG_1764IMG_1766IMG_1774IMG_1775


‘This journey is incredible’ – Hellie

Extraordinary Arts Week

We have been enjoying arts week!!! We have been focusing on the book the journey by Aaron Becker.

We have made sketch books,flip books, dream boxes and much more exiting things. We also got to have workshops in dance, drama and photography which was amazing!

My favourite part of arts week was sketchbooks because we could do anything that includes art like doodling. (Paulo)

My favourite part was when we made flip books because it showed the movement of the character. (Radwan)

Suvam- The scrapbooks were fun to make

Amani C- I enjoyed the dance because it was so much fun and we got to express ourselves

Flora- Dream box we got to show our dreams and be creative

Anmol- Dream box- decorate and use different materials

Jaya- Heathlands Students exploring animals and looking at maps


We hope we get to do it next year!

By Paulo and Radwan 🙂