Map Making!

Today we have been looking at maps and we are being inspired by them . We looked at pictures by Joyce Kozloff. She makes maps out of different materials including old maps, old pictures, portraits of people and paint. We used scrap paper and paint to make a collage . I enjoyed when we were painting because I like the colours! We have been learning about maps in geography. We are going to finish these next week so tune in next time!!




Prints charming

Today we were printing Islamic motifs and we used plasticise to make a shape and dip it into the  inky sponge. Then we put it on the paper. It was a lot of fun. After we done experimenting we chose our best design and printed it on coloured paper. At the end it turned out good.

by Radwan, Paulo and Sabrina


Sticking together :-)

Jade Class had lots of fun with Miss Thompson creating stick art!

We started with a stick hunt…


In the warmth of our class room we used our fine motor skills to wrap colored wool around the twigs, making the letter of our first name…



Year 2’s Journey to Space

Year 2 had an amazing Arts week! We did lots of exciting activities like making planets, creating pom pom aliens and even designing our very own space ships! We also developed our dancing, acting and photography skills in some fantastic workshops!

‘ I wish we could do Arts week every week!’ – Harmandeep

‘My favourite thing was making the rockets because it was really creative!’ – Lilli- Ann

‘ I loved making planets!’ – Melita

‘I loved paper mache because I had never done it before.’ – Harman

I loved Arts week! The drama was so fun!- Jack


Here are some photos of our fun filled week:

Arts Week in Year One

We had a great week on our journey through the jungle.

We made our own sketchbooks to fill with stuff from our journey.

We looked at different artists and made paintings like them

we made a shelter using our big paintings and natural materials.

Lots of people came into school and taught us photography, drama and dance skills. IMG_1685IMG_1690IMG_1699IMG_1705IMG_1727IMG_1729IMG_1730IMG_1731IMG_1732IMG_1735IMG_1740IMG_1745IMG_1751IMG_1752IMG_1753IMG_1755IMG_1762IMG_1764IMG_1766IMG_1774IMG_1775


‘This journey is incredible’ – Hellie