Using our senses

Today we learnt about our senses and we used our senses to smell, taste, hear, see and touch different things

‘I tasted salt and it was very salty’ – Lidia

‘ I tasted sugar and it was nice and sweet’ – Hellie

‘I smelled some aftershave, it was like my dad’s’ – Alfie

‘I smelt mint leaves and they were minty’ – Sukhmani

‘I heared the radiator’ -Terry

‘I heard music’ – Rayan

‘I touch the cuddly elephant and it was soft’ – Alina

‘we looked at optical illusions and they were crazy!

Germs everywhere!

We did a potato experiment to see how germs grow – we are still growing the germs

We had glitter on our hands and they were pretending to be germs and we did an experiment to see how germs are spread

We must always wash our hands with soap so the germs die and cannot be spread

After we learnt about germs we were able to be safe and hygienic to do some cooking!

Christmas fun!

It’s christmas jumper day and we have made Christmas cards by glittering our noses. We also made christmas decorations. We used orange peel, beads and wire to make special decorations.

We had lots of fun and we wish you a merry Christmas! P1020390P1020386P1020385P1020381P1020370P1020366P1020360P1020357P1020352

Saving Samuel Pepys!

We made a street full of houses from the Great fire of London.

We used the beebot and pretended he was samuel pepys, we had to save him from the fire.

We has to program Samuel Pepys to get him out safely.

We had to keep trying as the beebot kept running into houses 🙂

Eventually we saved Samuel Pepys!