Rosie Postie’s Postal Paradise

Year One went to visit Rosie Postie at the Postal Museum in London.

We had a brilliant time! We got to learn about the first ever stamp called the Penny Black and designed our own stamp. We also acted out the story of the Post that was delayed by a lioness. We were Protectors of the Post.

There was a MASSIVE playarea that was like a little town and everything us Jolly Posties needed to deliver the letters to the town.

We then visited the museum and saw how they used to deliver post and how it has changed.


Jasmine Class were even filmed for the Postal Museum’s Learning Programme…. Watch this space we are going to be stars!!

Super Active Healthy Week

We had great fun during super active healthy week.

We were invited to Goldilock’s tea party but we had to show our best table manners.

We made porridge that was full of yummy fruit…. Goldilocks would of loved it!

We showed determination and sportsmanship during sports day and our triathlon!

We learnt about how to stay healthy and the changes things have on our bodies, we had to exercise for a minute and see how it changed our body temperature using the digital sensors. DSC01824DSC01912DSC01914DSC01915DSC01919DSC01923DSC01926DSC01927DSC01928DSC00215DSC00218DSC00222DSC00225DSC00230DSC00233DSC00247DSC00248DSC00252DSC00265DSC00266DSC00276DSC00279DSC00286DSC00287DSC01870DSC01881DSC01892DSC01900DSC01901DSC01902DSC01903DSC01906IMG_20180621_103452IMG_20180621_103541IMG_20180621_110028IMG_20180621_110353_1

Rosie Postie

Last week we met Rosie Postie, she helps the Jolly Postman delivering letters.

We became posties and we are now learning how we can help JP more!

We had great fun!DSC01769DSC01771DSC01790