This term I tried to do a flipbook on Purple Mash. It was a bit tricky but when I got used to it, I got better and better on it so I started to do more and then I got really good at it. Do you want to be a flipbook master too? Then go to Purple Mash it’s that easy!

                                                   From Mark (Purple class)

Are you a TTRockstar?

TTRocktars is a fun and interesting game you can play online. It tests your times tables skills so you can get better at it.

Year 4 went into the hall and played it on the computers and huddles. We played it because then everyone could have a chance on it. Everyone got very excited about it. You can play against your classmates and people around the world. If you play a lot you will get money to buy things for your avatar.

Would you like to get better at your times tables?

Ryan and Advay

UNICEF Rights of the Child

For homework last week, our task was to create a poster based on UNICEF’s Convention of the Rights of the Child. We discussed what Articles we valued the most with our family and wrote about why they are important to us. After our posters were complete, we made video recordings presenting our posters and ideas. Below is a video from each Year 5 class! Presenting their videos are Nicolae from Ruby Class, Shobhit from Red Class and Nilab from Scarlet Class.



Junior Travel Ambassadors


Hi, we are the JTAs (Junior Travel Ambassadors). We are Devine, Nyah, Samanta and Prabhleen.

We have an important role this year and need your help. Many of our essential duties include, trying to make our local and wider environment less polluted and safe for you around the school.  We will start setting you challenges throughout the year. Are you ready to make a difference and a better world for us all?

An interesting success we have had is winning the gold award! It is amazing. If you are curious and would like to know more, then come and find us at lunchtime or break time. We are all in Ebony class. Keep a look out for us, as we set more goals in the future

Kind regards, JTAs

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Do you know about Scandinavia?


Did you know Lego was invented in Denmark? Denmark, physically borders one other country – Germany. There is no place in Denmark more than 30 miles (50 km) from the sea. Denmark has a place to surf called Cold Hawaii. Denmark is the world’s biggest producer of ranched minks. The Danish alphabet has 3 letters in the alphabet, which cannot be found in the English alphabet. There is no word for ‘please’ in the Danish language. Denmark is one of the happiest places in the world. The climate of Denmark is pleasant in the summer time (May – August).

The Adventures of Odysseus!

In year 5, we are reading a book full of adventures and amazing new things to read about.  It’s called The Adventures of Odysseus . In  my opinion it’s a fantastic book. it’s lovely and  the adventures are great and cool . I would recommend this book  to family and friends. We’ve just read a chapter -an amazing chapter-  that makes you say “what’s going to  happen next ?” This  book  is a book you need to read. What do you think is  going to happen next?

By Omima