Crazy Counters.

This week in mathes we have been playing a subtraction game and there are 5 things that people need to be.

one is a big number person and the big number person is someone who get the big counters.

And a small number person gets the counters that mr Elgar gives us.

And theres a person called the cheker and he or shy writes the anser on the bord And a calculator workes it out.

And last of all is the Exchanger and he well come to mr Elgar and ask e.g.: can I swap you a 10 for 10 100’s please 1 ten →10 ones.

and we swap after one round.

some times 2 or 3 people don’t have a Job’s and we are all in are house point Group lions, lepordes, tigers cheters, lions and what ever team win’s they get a house point one and leperd win all the time.

written by Ruby G. (Leopard Team), Lilac Class

Year 4 Swimming

This week, Year 4 had their first swimming lesson! Aqueelah and Cleopatra had lots of fun and wanted to let us know all about it.

I was so excited to go on the coach. Year 4 has finally gotten an experience to swim! When we arrived we were in a hurry so when we finished getting changed, we went to the pool. Some of us were scared and some of us where exited. Firstly the asked us who could swim. 4 or 3 girl’s said they can swim. My heart was pounding. My friend Julia in lavender class was more scared than I was. When it was my turn I felt my ear’s filling with water, kicking my legs to swim. But in the end it was fun, at the end of swimming we were in groups 1,2 and 3. group 1 – non swimers group 2 – semi swimers group 3 – swimer’s – Aqueelah N.

When i went swiming we hade to go in the pool whe we were walking acros ther was a life gurd. we cary on swiming intil the end of yere 4. – Cleopatra S.