Poems good enough to eat!

This week in Year Two we have enjoyed writing poems about our favourite food.

Here are some examples:


Sausages, Sausages by Hibo 

Sausages sausages

You look yummy

Sausages sausages

You are tasty and good

Sausages sausages

You are amazing


Pizza, pizza by Harmendeep

Pizza pizza

You look so delicious

Pizza pizza

Your nutritious

Pizza pizza

You smell so yummy

Pizza pizza

Your soft and scrummy

Pizza pizza

Your my favourite food


Spaghetti, Spaghetti by Edin

Spaghetti spaghetti

You taste scrumptious

Spaghetti spaghetti

You smell strong

Spaghetti spaghetti

You look yellowish red

Spaghetti spaghetti

You feel slippery

Spaghetti spaghetti

You are the best

A Healthy and Active Week for Year 2

This week Year 2 have really enjoyed looking at ways to keep healthy and be active. On Wednesday afternoon the children got the chance to taste five different fruits that they may not have eaten before: cherry, pomegranate, passion fruit, grapefruit and lychee. Most of the children found one or more new fruits that they enjoyed eating!

Also the children made fruits cups using the fruit they brought in. They very carefully sliced up the fruit and layered them in the cups. Thank you for bringing in such a great range of fruit.


Year Two were very excited this week as each class has had a delivery of tiny black caterpillars. We look forward to seeing how they grow up into butterflies and letting them go.

Here are some of the thoughts and questions we had about the caterpillars:

‘This one looks like it’s growing a cocoon so maybe it will grow into a butterfly.’ – Ishika

‘What do they eat?’ – Emmanuel

‘Are you going to release them when they are butterflies?’ – Maja

‘What pattern of butterfly will they be?’ – Kayden

Sport Relief in Year 2!

All the Year 2 classes had great fun today seeing how many steps they could take around the MUGA by walking or running!

We kept a tally of how many laps of the MUGA each child achieved and then added the scores together to find the class total. We then used this to calculate how many steps around the MUGA each class had taken.

The totals are as follows:

  • Aqua Class: 275 laps (55,000 steps)
  • Blue Class: 280 laps (56,000 steps)
  • Indigo Class: 252 laps (50,400 steps)
  • Sky Class: 262 laps (52,400 steps)

The children showed great determination to do their best and I was very proud of the sportsmanship and encouragement they gave each other.

‘This is so fun!’ – Ilyas

‘I did 17 laps.’ – Ayaan

Year 2 get STEAMing!

Year 2 really enjoyed STEAM week.

We learnt lots of new things. We built boats and investigated how to load them so they don’t tip over, we designed an animal that was adapted to survive in the Arctic, we investigated the effects on climate change on the ocean and we created a menu for Arctic explorers to make sure they had enough energy.

On Wednesday we had a fantastic DT day. We designed, created and evaluated a moving picture of animals that live in Antarctica.

We had so much fun this week, we can’t wait to do it again next year!

Here are some of our photos of the week:

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Safer Internet Day!

This week it was Safer Internet Day and Year 2 learnt about how to stay safe online and how to deal with cyberbullying.

After learning how to be SMART on the internet, they wrote tweets to teach people what they could do if they were being cyberbullied.

Here’s some of their advice:

‘If I was cyberbullied I would STOP and step away from what I was doing and tell and adult I trust. S stands for stop, T stands for tell an adult, O stands for ask an adult if it is ok to go online and P stands for play with someone who is nice.’ @Ishika

‘Don’t tell anybody your personal information and always use a nickname.’ @Neeve

‘If you are being bullied on a game tell and show an adult. You should also go on single player if you are being bullied. If you are being bullied delete the chat group after showing an adult.’ @Hashir

Chicks are up and about.

Year 2 were very excited today because they got to sit in a circle and stroke the chicks.

Here are some photos of children in Blue class stroking the chicks.


Children in Sky class also asked some good questions about the chicks.

Do the chicks have a mother?

What do the chicks like to eat?

Can the chicks fly?