#iwill-Year 5 New Year Resolutions

Year 5 children are very excited to start the new year and set some goals for extra activities. Here’s a sample:


Goal 1: To visit a science laboratory and expand my knowledge of science
How: Work hard in science to make goal achievable

Goal 2: Design and make an electric model. This will help me in mechanics and computing
How: Develop my understanding of computing, coding and programming


Goal 1: To write a story for reception
How: I need to make an enjoyable and creative story

Goal 2: Learn to write a play
How: I need to develop my skills in drama and creative writing


Goal 1: Do a blind folded taste test
How: I will not cheat and try different foods

Goal 2: Plan and cook a meal
How: Ask my mum if I am allowed then get instructions from the internet or a book


Goal 1: Learn something about my local area
How: Tell my parents to explore Hounslow and I will learn

Goal 2: Plan and cook a meal
How: Get my dad to tell me how to cook and I will cook toast with butter or some beans with scrambled  eggs


Goal 1: Write a story to reception class
How: I have to be confident enough to do this. So I will have to try and get all the words right

Goal 2: To choreograph a dance
How: I will have to practice a dance and remember the moves. So I can teach it to over people.