Year 5 Math Challenge!

On Friday 16th November, a group of us went to Kingsley Academy to participate in a maths challenge. There were nine of us: Paulo, Diluc, Kamila, Sahra, Kai,Ben,Danny, Adam H and Kirandeep. We had traveled their by minibus and when we arrived we were asked to wait at the front reception.There was a lady there who gave us our team names with labels on it. Then, we were escorted to the Assembly Hall where there were four other school. Then our math challenge had begun. 😀

There was a man who introduced us to our first activity which was the Math Carousel. In this challenge, we were randomly asked to pick a table where a six-former would be sitting to tell us about the activity. When we had finished we were told to repeat the same routine, changing to different tables. We had one more challenge which was the Treasure Hunt.

In this challenge, we were given a sheet to mark the answers from the questions stuck up on the walls. We were given a six-former to guide us and hint us with questions.There were four places in this challenge.Unfortunately, Team 1 came last but Team 2 had come 3rd. At last, they had totaled up the scores and Leonardo from Beavers came 2nd and Newton from Beavers came 6th. This trip was amazing and extremely fun because we had the chance to expand our knowledge with six-formers. We had enjoyed it alot ❗

By Diluc and Paulo 🙂

What have we been up to this week?


Today we have been making chandeliers with the artist Joy Pirkle out of all of the bottles we have been collecting! We have had to cut the bottom of plastic bottles to create flowers by cutting out petals, adding tissue paper and colouring it in, they look really pretty! with the rest of the bottle we then had to turn it to spiralize for decorations. I think it’s been very good but there’s one downside: when your cutting it hurts your hands and fingers!

Don’t forget to do your homework, just click on the link and it will take you to it!

TTRockstars –  

Spelling Shed –

If you want to do something else, you can print off this form (2018-Christmas-Card-Competition-Entry-Form) and create a Christmas card for Cool Milk!

By Jack (Scarlet class)

Extraordinary Arts Week

We have been enjoying arts week!!! We have been focusing on the book the journey by Aaron Becker.

We have made sketch books,flip books, dream boxes and much more exiting things. We also got to have workshops in dance, drama and photography which was amazing!

My favourite part of arts week was sketchbooks because we could do anything that includes art like doodling. (Paulo)

My favourite part was when we made flip books because it showed the movement of the character. (Radwan)

Suvam- The scrapbooks were fun to make

Amani C- I enjoyed the dance because it was so much fun and we got to express ourselves

Flora- Dream box we got to show our dreams and be creative

Anmol- Dream box- decorate and use different materials

Jaya- Heathlands Students exploring animals and looking at maps


We hope we get to do it next year!

By Paulo and Radwan 🙂

Our Rocking Week

This week in year 5, We have been doing TTRockstars in a math lesson.

We all had to make sure we did studio, to set our baseline speeds. We all had fun versing each other on arena, and challenging each other on rock slam. On the arena, our teacher sometimes joined in! We all had alot of fun.

TTRockstars is alot of fun. I like it because you can improve your times tables scores in a fun way. Me personally, got quicker myself, so i’m sure you will too.

We also kept a list of who has been going on the most at home:

Scarlet (75% of the class active this week) – Talha went on everyday in the week!
Crimson (61% of the class active this week) – Maiyah and Manawwara went on twice this week!
Red (38% of the class active this) – Diluc, Zech and Hiyam went on twice this week!

Well done guys, I am hoping I will beat my own score next week!


As promised, here are some of the PowerPoint from last week:


We hope you enjoy them!


-Gracie-Belle and Amy 

This week in Year 5

This week we have been doing some power point based on the Amazon rainforest. Some of us has been working on their own and some of us has been working by partners. We have had to use research from homework, geography lessons and online research to help us create a presentation full of factual information. We can’t wait to share them with you on the blog next week! Watch this space!!!

Image result for the amazon

Image result for ttrockstars

A lot of us have also been enjoying TTRockstars. It is fun to keep trying to improve our times and comparing them to others, for example some of us are currently beating teachers! We have had to play studio 10 times to find a base score which tells us how long it takes us for each question. Already the highest amount of coins in each class is:

  • Scarlet class – Talha with 29,262
  • Red class – Diluc with 26,344
  • Crimson class – Jonavon with 5,573

Don’t forget – if you can’t remember your logins, ask your teacher.

We wonder who will be the most active players next week 😉