Extraordinary Arts Week

We have been enjoying arts week!!! We have been focusing on the book the journey by Aaron Becker.

We have made sketch books,flip books, dream boxes and much more exiting things. We also got to have workshops in dance, drama and photography which was amazing!

My favourite part of arts week was sketchbooks because we could do anything that includes art like doodling. (Paulo)

My favourite part was when we made flip books because it showed the movement of the character. (Radwan)

Suvam- The scrapbooks were fun to make

Amani C- I enjoyed the dance because it was so much fun and we got to express ourselves

Flora- Dream box we got to show our dreams and be creative

Anmol- Dream box- decorate and use different materials

Jaya- Heathlands Students exploring animals and looking at maps


We hope we get to do it next year!

By Paulo and Radwan 🙂

Our Rocking Week

This week in year 5, We have been doing TTRockstars in a math lesson.

We all had to make sure we did studio, to set our baseline speeds. We all had fun versing each other on arena, and challenging each other on rock slam. On the arena, our teacher sometimes joined in! We all had alot of fun.

TTRockstars is alot of fun. I like it because you can improve your times tables scores in a fun way. Me personally, got quicker myself, so i’m sure you will too.

We also kept a list of who has been going on the most at home:

Scarlet (75% of the class active this week) – Talha went on everyday in the week!
Crimson (61% of the class active this week) – Maiyah and Manawwara went on twice this week!
Red (38% of the class active this) – Diluc, Zech and Hiyam went on twice this week!

Well done guys, I am hoping I will beat my own score next week!


As promised, here are some of the PowerPoint from last week:


We hope you enjoy them!


-Gracie-Belle and Amy 

This week in Year 5

This week we have been doing some power point based on the Amazon rainforest. Some of us has been working on their own and some of us has been working by partners. We have had to use research from homework, geography lessons and online research to help us create a presentation full of factual information. We can’t wait to share them with you on the blog next week! Watch this space!!!

Image result for the amazon

Image result for ttrockstars


A lot of us have also been enjoying TTRockstars. It is fun to keep trying to improve our times and comparing them to others, for example some of us are currently beating teachers! We have had to play studio 10 times to find a base score which tells us how long it takes us for each question. Already the highest amount of coins in each class is:

  • Scarlet class – Talha with 29,262
  • Red class – Diluc with 26,344
  • Crimson class – Jonavon with 5,573

Don’t forget – if you can’t remember your logins, ask your teacher.

We wonder who will be the most active players next week 😉 



Our Stem Week! 🙂 ­‍‎‎‍‌

Have you enjoyed Stem Week? Because I did!

(Stem week could be changed to STEAM week like it was in year 4!)

Stem Stands for:




Art (Steam)


Day 1

On day 1 we did Science.

We were doing an experiment about the ozone layer and how it protects us from getting ill by the sun. For example, we could get Skin Cancer and Sunburn much quicker and more seriously.

To do the experiment, we…

  1. We got a piece of normal paper, drew Earth on it and then cut it out.
  2. We stuck it on Filter Paper.
  3. Got a black pen and drew a line around Earth about 2 centimetres away from it.
  4. Got a pipette, squeezed some water into it.
  5. Squeezed some water out onto the black line.
  6. Lastly, we watched the line grow and expand!

We also made an Aqueduct to see how water gets carried over it. They were invented by the Romans to carry their water from the rivers and lakes to the towns and cities. Therefore, the Romans had some of the cleanest water although they did get destroyed when they were invaded! We had to make an aqueduct out of paper or card and tape and it had to be 50cm long. It was very difficult to make it stand up and hold the water but some of us managed, such as Simion’s and Gurnit, Jonathon and Pragat’s team.

Day 2

Today we had Roman day!

Today we dressed up as Romans and went to the hall to learn about artefacts, we learnt about weaponry and battling. We also got to hold Roman coins which were over 2000 years old… Wow!

Some people also got too hold shields, swords, armour and even a mini catapult!

With the catapult, we got a scrunched up piece of paper and on the catapult we were trying to see how far we can get the piece of paper. It was really fun! It went the whole length of the hall!

We played 2 Roman Games, we did a Quiz and we were in the hall finding out what real roman life was like. It was quite disgusting!! One of the games we played was Delta. We got a counter and we gave it a little push on the Delta board and we saw how far we could get it.

Day 3

Today we did Ocean Antarctica Art.

To do this we got blue paint and we made a swirl that got bigger and bigger and bigger which was getting darker each time. When we had done that, we added green and purple strokes to make the picture more realistic. After that, we added little animal silhouettes too represent the Antarctic, underwater animals. Finally, we signed our painting with our name. I really enjoyed this because I love art and when I was done the painting turned out to be amazing!!!!!!

Day 4

Today we did safer internet day and we designed a species of our very own.

We were discussing how important it was too be safe online, at school and at home. It is very important not to share unkind things and too not look at bad things because this may affect our lives. In the afternoon we designed our own species. We were looking at different habitats and how animals survive in those habitats. An example for a name that was used was Hortore.

Day 5

Lastly, today we did a mix of things; Maths, Mental Health Week, an Assembly and Reflecting over our Wonderful Stem Week.

We were reflecting by drawing a mind map of what we did all week, including Chromatography, Writing instructions for it, Aqueducts, Roman workshop, Ocean Antarctica art, Safer internet day, Designing a species, Maths Mental Health Week, Assemblies and Reflecting.

It has been a very busy, but fun week for all of us.

Stem Week was really cool, I didn’t expect that is was going to be this good- Paulo

Stem week… I thought it was really fun because we got to do art and we got to make an aqueduct and I really liked the aqueducts! – Aysha

In the stem week it was so nice and we made so many different things- Vinaayaka

I enjoyed stem week because it was really fun because we designed a species and when we made the species it was really fun. We got to colour it in and write all about it and it was the best part of this week- Alexander

Stem week was really cool I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to do it all the day and the years! Yay beavers! –Gurnit

It was so fun that I nearly fainted! (: – Jonathan

By Gracie-Belle

Safer internet day!




Being safe online is important because everyone should know the rights and wrongs of a technical device. Internet safety is very important when you come across a mean comment, picture or sentence. Remember to tell a trusted adult or friend about any unkind content you see. This includes websites, mean language and even photos.

Here are some steps on how to be safe online;‌‍‏‏

Step 1)  Never go onto any unfamiliar website. Always make sure you know what you are about to click it. Some websites may contain viruses and unkind content so check with a parent first.

Step 2) If you are on a website, make sure you never share any personal information about yourself, this includes your name, your age, where you live or what school you go to.

Step 3) Don’t sign up to anything without parental permission. It might include bad content. Make sure you know what you’re signing up too. Some owners of websites could steal information when your personal information is entered so be sure it’s safe.

Step 4) Cyberbullying, you should always be aware about what you post online. You should always think about what you are saying and if you post a picture always ask whoever is in it if they are happy with it before you post it. If you see cyberbullying always report it and inform a parent or someone you trust, like a friend or a teacher!

Step 4) Lastly, don’t buy anything online without permission from a parent. You need to ask a parent first before buying anything online just in case your parent has not got enough money.  Also, make sure the website you are buying things from is safe which includes viruses and scams. Sometimes, you could buy something from a fake website which just steals your money and doesn’t give you the item you were paying for.

If you are ever unsure, ask an adult or someone you trust!

Safer Internet day

On Tuesday the 6th it was safer internet day! We had an assembly about the importance of staying safe online as well as looking at SMART and had a very informative lesson where we talked about being safe online and how to show respect to everyone, showing that a positive internet starts with us. We thought about each point of view and how we should act online. Each of us thought of our one good deed we would do online to make being online a much more positive place!

Here are some of our good deeds!
For my online good deed, I promise to…

…be kind and helpful to anyone online – Melroy
…help them and make them happy and laugh by sending pictures and funny jokes when they are upset  – Danny
…never be mean or rude to people online and do not post anything until your friends agree. – Maya


By Gracie-Belle and Amy


Anti Bullying Week

Hi people, in school this week we focused on Anti Bullying Week! Today we will be talking about Bullying and how to prevent it.

Step 1 – Walk away.
Don’t respond. Just tell a trusted adult and I’m sure they will sort it out.

Step 2 – Don’t speak
If the bully tells you off for something you didn’t do. Don’t speak in the first place| If you do not speak there wont be anything to be told off for. You are also not getting yourself involved or rising to the situation.

Step 3 – Believe
If the bully says something fake about you make sure you don’t listen. Believe that it isn’t true, only listen to the ones with good hearts

Step 4 – Two wrongs do not make a right
Finally, do not be mean back! It will just make the picture wrong. You are better than a bully so show it!

By Gracie-Belle (Lilac)


What is Bullying?

Bullying is a super bad thing. There are many types of Bullying like Cyber-Bullying. Cyber bullying is

The worst because its online.

What can we do…

1.Ask the bullies to stop

2.Tell someone you trust

3.Help the targeted person

Thank you Axle for inspiring this. (Purple)


Thanks to the amazing homework guys. We wished we could of added more!

By Sahra and Jackson