Crazy Counters.

This week in mathes we have been playing a subtraction game and there are 5 things that people need to be.

one is a big number person and the big number person is someone who get the big counters.

And a small number person gets the counters that mr Elgar gives us.

And theres a person called the cheker and he or shy writes the anser on the bord And a calculator workes it out.

And last of all is the Exchanger and he well come to mr Elgar and ask e.g.: can I swap you a 10 for 10 100’s please 1 ten →10 ones.

and we swap after one round.

some times 2 or 3 people don’t have a Job’s and we are all in are house point Group lions, lepordes, tigers cheters, lions and what ever team win’s they get a house point one and leperd win all the time.

written by Ruby G. (Leopard Team), Lilac Class