This week in Year 5

This week we have been doing some power point based on the Amazon rainforest. Some of us has been working on their own and some of us has been working by partners. We have had to use research from homework, geography lessons and online research to help us create a presentation full of factual information. We can’t wait to share them with you on the blog next week! Watch this space!!!

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A lot of us have also been enjoying TTRockstars. It is fun to keep trying to improve our times and comparing them to others, for example some of us are currently beating teachers! We have had to play studio 10 times to find a base score which tells us how long it takes us for each question. Already the highest amount of coins in each class is:

  • Scarlet class – Talha with 29,262
  • Red class – Diluc with 26,344
  • Crimson class – Jonavon with 5,573

Don’t forget – if you can’t remember your logins, ask your teacher.

We wonder who will be the most active players next week 😉