British Airways lands at Beavers

It was an exciting day in Year 2 today as British Airways flew in to show us how things work on an aeroplane.

We were all issued our very own passports and after filling them out we were led down the aisle by the friendly flight attendants before being buckled into our seats for a flight to sunny Italy!

Along the way two lucky students got to don the captains hat and jacket and sit in the cockpit (luckily the senior captain kept the controls to himself).

Some of us got to be flight attendants and help deliver the all-important air safety speech. It was really fun getting to explain where the exits were, but the highlight of the trip was getting to see our teachers demonstrate the inflatable life jackets – a few of them looked a little scared but they were in safe hands.


The special visit was very interesting because we have been learning about transport in Hounslow in history this term, and although Hounslow aerodrome has long since closed down, we’re still right next to Heathrow and we get a front row seat to all those planes landing and taking off!

Thank you British Airways, we hope you enjoyed your flight with Beavers Community Primary School!