Green jellyfish

Today we experimented all about jelly fish. We have been using different materials to experiment with. We are using different techniques like knotting, twisting, sewing and punching. We used plastic bottle’s and milk bottles to test out different things. For example we got a plastic bottle and cut it. What I did to get the rubber to get into a curl shape I rapped it around a pencil or pen roughly and then it formed a curly shape. We cut the top of a bottle and made jellyfish legs, we made them kind of floppy. We also stapled milk bottels and sowed around them with like bubble rap and other materials.

The reason why we designed jellyfishes out of plastic and different materials  is because it represents all of the plastic waste in our oceans . Its important as a school for us to recycle and use less . Remember Its ALL WAYS Go For Green in Beavers Community Primary School !