Super Active Healthy Week

We had great fun during super active healthy week.

We were invited to Goldilock’s tea party but we had to show our best table manners.

We made porridge that was full of yummy fruit…. Goldilocks would of loved it!

We showed determination and sportsmanship during sports day and our triathlon!

We learnt about how to stay healthy and the changes things have on our bodies, we had to exercise for a minute and see how it changed our body temperature using the digital sensors. DSC01824DSC01912DSC01914DSC01915DSC01919DSC01923DSC01926DSC01927DSC01928DSC00215DSC00218DSC00222DSC00225DSC00230DSC00233DSC00247DSC00248DSC00252DSC00265DSC00266DSC00276DSC00279DSC00286DSC00287DSC01870DSC01881DSC01892DSC01900DSC01901DSC01902DSC01903DSC01906IMG_20180621_103452IMG_20180621_103541IMG_20180621_110028IMG_20180621_110353_1