STEAM week in year 5

On the last week of term, we celebrated STEAM week. This means Science, technology, engineering, art and maths.

Year 5 have been making bags.The bags where tricky to make.We had to sew them. Luckily there where no injuries .After we sew them we insulated them with silver thick plastic.Art was okay for us.Some art were tricky like can not use pencils to draw use crayons and we drew our own bags in our books.One afternoon we had to do a fair test with boats,string and heavy metal to test how fast it goes down.We had to go in 3 groups with 8 people.The boats where on sand and see how fast it goes.Most of them were 0.5 seconds.On Friday,We showed year 4 and 8 our bags.My bag was showed to the school.YEAR 5 LOVED IT!