Safer internet day!




Being safe online is important because everyone should know the rights and wrongs of a technical device. Internet safety is very important when you come across a mean comment, picture or sentence. Remember to tell a trusted adult or friend about any unkind content you see. This includes websites, mean language and even photos.

Here are some steps on how to be safe online;‌‍‏‏

Step 1)  Never go onto any unfamiliar website. Always make sure you know what you are about to click it. Some websites may contain viruses and unkind content so check with a parent first.

Step 2) If you are on a website, make sure you never share any personal information about yourself, this includes your name, your age, where you live or what school you go to.

Step 3) Don’t sign up to anything without parental permission. It might include bad content. Make sure you know what you’re signing up too. Some owners of websites could steal information when your personal information is entered so be sure it’s safe.

Step 4) Cyberbullying, you should always be aware about what you post online. You should always think about what you are saying and if you post a picture always ask whoever is in it if they are happy with it before you post it. If you see cyberbullying always report it and inform a parent or someone you trust, like a friend or a teacher!

Step 4) Lastly, don’t buy anything online without permission from a parent. You need to ask a parent first before buying anything online just in case your parent has not got enough money.  Also, make sure the website you are buying things from is safe which includes viruses and scams. Sometimes, you could buy something from a fake website which just steals your money and doesn’t give you the item you were paying for.

If you are ever unsure, ask an adult or someone you trust!

Safer Internet day

On Tuesday the 6th it was safer internet day! We had an assembly about the importance of staying safe online as well as looking at SMART and had a very informative lesson where we talked about being safe online and how to show respect to everyone, showing that a positive internet starts with us. We thought about each point of view and how we should act online. Each of us thought of our one good deed we would do online to make being online a much more positive place!

Here are some of our good deeds!
For my online good deed, I promise to…

…be kind and helpful to anyone online – Melroy
…help them and make them happy and laugh by sending pictures and funny jokes when they are upset  – Danny
…never be mean or rude to people online and do not post anything until your friends agree. – Maya


By Gracie-Belle and Amy