Heart Dissection

Before Christmas, in December, Year Six were dissecting lamb hearts.

We had to work in groups of three and cut open the heart. Each group got one lamb heart. Then, we had to watch a video of a woman who dissected a heart all the way through. We will share with you some experience  that we had.

Victoria: My group had me, Shakira and Diana in it. I was the person who mostly did the cutting because I had lots of experience. Miss Antoniou took some pictures of us and here is a picture of my group: 

Jesica: In my group I had me, Elizabeth and Amelia. I did most of the cutting, just like Victoria, because I love dissecting. One thing I hated was the smell. It smelt like moldy cheese. Here is a picture of my group: 

It was very fun and impressive to the teachers. I hope we do something like this again!

Tuesday 30th January 2018,

Victoria & Jesica.