Christmas Production 2017

Year 5 and year 6 learnt 3 songs. We worked really hard to learn them. Every time we had free time we rehearsed. Year 5 and year 6 learnt a song together called Now our story has been told. I even saw some parents crying. I loved the songs because they were so peaceful and really told us the Christmas story. When we were doing our last song we were all holding candles which was an amazing idea. We all had to wear scarfs and hats and gloves so we could feel the Christmas atmosphere. On the same day it was Christmas jumper day so we looked extra Christmasy. There were so many parents and teachers I was really scared performing in front of loads of people.There were so many Christmas decorations in the junior hall it looked beautiful.I felt a bit nervous on stage because Ms Scott -the headteacher- was sitting there . When we were doing our last song surprisingly I saw a parent in with tears in their eyes.The atmosphere in the junior hall was really peaceful.
Here are some photos of this amazing event:


Shohbit from Red class in Year 5
Thank you