Anti Bullying Week

Hi people, in school this week we focused on Anti Bullying Week! Today we will be talking about Bullying and how to prevent it.

Step 1 – Walk away.
Don’t respond. Just tell a trusted adult and I’m sure they will sort it out.

Step 2 – Don’t speak
If the bully tells you off for something you didn’t do. Don’t speak in the first place| If you do not speak there wont be anything to be told off for. You are also not getting yourself involved or rising to the situation.

Step 3 – Believe
If the bully says something fake about you make sure you don’t listen. Believe that it isn’t true, only listen to the ones with good hearts

Step 4 – Two wrongs do not make a right
Finally, do not be mean back! It will just make the picture wrong. You are better than a bully so show it!

By Gracie-Belle (Lilac)


What is Bullying?

Bullying is a super bad thing. There are many types of Bullying like Cyber-Bullying. Cyber bullying is

The worst because its online.

What can we do…

1.Ask the bullies to stop

2.Tell someone you trust

3.Help the targeted person

Thank you Axle for inspiring this. (Purple)


Thanks to the amazing homework guys. We wished we could of added more!

By Sahra and Jackson