Kingsley Academy Maths Challenge!

Today some of us in Year 5 went to the mind blowing, creative Kingsley Academy Maths Challenge.

We were put into groups, and were competing against each other. Our groups were called ‘Einstein’ and ‘Newton

What I really enjoyed was when we ran around finding the answers to the questions called the treasure hunt. – Nilab

It was really fun doing all the events. – Giya

We ate delicious biscuits and crisps. – Abdur

The atmosphere in Kingsley Academy was amazing, and I enjoyed all the maths challenges they gave us. – Shobhit

It was really fun because they let us look around the school too. – Gurraj

My experience in Kingsley Academy was very challenging because as soon as I saw the letter than I had been picked to go, I got really scared. But when I went there I realised it wasn’t a test, and instead we did lots of fun challenges that I really liked. – Joey

In Kingsley Academy I loved the challenges. My favourite one was making a plus sign out of triangles. – Isa

In Kingsley Academy one of the challenges was putting different shapes to make an animal or person, and I really enjoyed it. – Siarl

Everyone did really well, and we had a great time!