What was school life like when our grandparents were young?

In our history lessons, we have been discovering what school life was like when our grandparents were younger.

Here are some of Year Two’s thoughts on what life may have been like:

‘They wouldn’t have studied history because they were a part of history.’ – Ellis

‘They wouldn’t have had whiteboards, they would have had chalkboards instead.’ – Aden

‘I think they used to write with feathers.’ – Archie

‘They worked really hard so they always got As.’ – Neeve

‘They had to miss their playtime because the teachers were really strict.’ – Caitlin

‘I wouldn’t want to do P.E. because they had to do it in their pants and vest.’ – Matthew

‘Schools had high windows so that children couldn’t look out of them when they were working.’ – Lauren

‘They ate rotten food for lunch.’ – Isabella

‘I don’t think they had computers.’ – Anuraj