Times tables can be fun!

Did you know year 4 will be tested on times tables at the end of the year?
In year 4, times tables are very important. They help us with our number knowledge and hitting our targets. It’s very important to not just learn them at school but at home as well.  You may think that learning times tables are boring but trust me, there are fun ways! Here are some I enjoy!

We can sing them with the help of laughalongandlearn. Lilac class use this and it is very fun.Capture.PNG

We can find times tables games to play at home and school by yourself or with friends and family.


times table game
If you look in your homework books, you should also now find a login for Matex which is a times table challenge website. If you are unsure how to use this don’t worry! We can do a tutorial next week to help you.

Can you learn and remember your 2, 3 and 4 times tables for next week?

By Jonavon