The importance of Jesus to Christians

Hi Year 5!


Below are some links which you may use for researching Christian beliefs about Jesus and his teachings.

As always, be safe on the internet!

  1. What did Jesus really look like?
  2. Resurrection did not happen, say quarter of Christians
  3. Jesus in Christianity
  4. This site shows the belief of one person. They do not speak for all Christians.
  5. This page has not been updated since 2009 but may be useful. You should always consider when something you read was published!
  6. Jesus’s life
  7. Why Do Christians Believe that Jesus Is the Only Way to God?

Bitesize videos:

  1. Jesus recruits disciples and shares stories
  2. The Ten Commandments
  3. What is Christianity?
  4. What was Jesus like and where did he grow up?

Be prepared to present your findings in your own words and to respond to questions or feedback from the rest of your class!

Mr. Elgar