London Eye and River Cruise

I learned two things:
I love London.
I love being dry.

Waiting patiently! 🙂

On Wednesday 17th May 2017, Ruby Class and Scarlet Class in Year 5 went on a trip to the London Eye and a boat cruise trip. We had so much fun!

At 08:45 we did the register quickly and quietly and got ready to go. Elizabeth’s mum and my mum walked in; they were here to help with the trip groups. In my mum’s group the children were me (of course!) Alysha, Jayden, Kuba D, Rehan and Victoria (my best friend).

After everyone had gone to the toilet, we left the school and started our journey to Hounslow West train station. Victoria and I were partners so we played 21 dares. Although it was a very wet, soggy day, we made it to the station.

We waited for what only seemed like 1 minute for the Piccadilly line. We got on and I heard a robot-sounding lady say “Please mind the gap between the train and the platform. This is a Piccadilly line train to Cockfosters”. Mr Elgar reminded all the groups that we are getting off at Hammersmith to change into another train.

It took 5 minutes for the District line to arrive. Once it did, I heard the robot-sounding lady again. She said “This is a District line train to Upminster” like a robot again. Both train journeys were 8 stops long.

We arrived at Westminster station. We used the Victoria Embankment exit and leisurely walked to the cruise site. It took us 20 minutes to reach there and we got there finally. We waited for 15 minutes for the cruise and ate a snack. We sat on top of the boat in the rain. My stomach started to hurt as the boat rocked left to right. As it started to pour harder, the teachers decided we should sit downstairs in the comfy seats.

At 11:30 the cruise started to move. We saw different sites like the Gherkin, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Did you know Big Ben isn’t a clock? It’s the bell inside! The lady on board was saying that they are taking bits out of Big Ben and it might not work for another 3 years. 40 minutes passed and we got off the boat.

Overcoming her fears. 😀

At 12:10 it took us a few seconds to get inside for the London Eye after we queued up. Mr Elgar’s group and my mum’s group shared a pod. We had so much fun! It was very interesting. It was like flying above the London Eye! We saw the buildings in a different way and even the Shard! At the very top, Alysha’s legs were shaking. When we were almost at the bottom, a lady announced “It’s time for a picture.” and so we stood on the side and got our picture taken.

Some of us couldn’t wait for lunch time!

We disembarked the London Eye at 13:15 and waited for our lunch location. We got some news to sit in a nearby park and we sat on a stone and ate finally!!! I had an egg sandwich. Yum!


We had a nice trip and we went all the way back to school wet, tired and happy.

What a view!

I learned 2 things:

I love London.

I love being dry.



written by Jesica Dhotre, Ruby Class (Year 5)