Wembley Stadium Trip

On Saturday we (year 6 girls) went to Wembley Stadium to watch the Women FA Cup Final,which was Man city VS Birmingham, along with Mr Tibble and Miss Thompson.The match was brilliant,awesome and wicked even though it was a long journey since we traveled by Tube(under ground train station).

The goalies were amazing and compared to the men,the women had more team work!Plus one of the female players made a header into the goal!We were surprised that Birmingham actually scored!The football match had something called a ‘Mexican Wave’ when everyone had to stand up and lift there arms up in the air.We enjoyed the game because Man City won but we felt sorry for the female players in Birmingham since they only scored one goal.There were many injures but the woman hadn’t given up.

By Josna,Anastasija,Zarrin,Jamie,halima.