Young Voices O2

  1. On the 7 the of February,  the choir went to the O2 . Not all of us could not go because only 30 people were allowed. Well it was first come first served.we walked to the train station . There were 15 stops . We were talking about what we were going to do at school. when we got off the train, we took the another train from Green park to North Greenwich. when we got off we walked for around 5 mins(We reached there at approximately 1:45). When we reached the O2 we went through the security check.Then we went up the steps event though there were escalators 😓. We walked to our block number (405).After that we went to our seats .We practice our lines for 3 hours & 15 mins . We had 45mins to eat our lunch.When we finished, we waited until all of the parents came in. Later on , we had an introduction for the parents and amazing performances by a group of beatboxers called “The Beatboxers Collective.Next we sang and a lady sang  . In her second song & we took part in it.😋. Later on a group of people came and danced they were called the Urban stride. Then we sang the songs it was fun.arfter we Sung our songs we sang the pop medley .There was lots of songs in the pop medley like 
  2. . Hello, shake it off, hold back the river and many others.we enjoyed our day at the O2 all thanks to our lovely teacher/choir teacher she Miss Was she really is the best😜:-).