Chess Competition

On Tuesday 17 January 2017 we went to a competition to play chess.we arrived at Kingsley Academy at 9:02ad we left at 8:30.My friends and I were very nervous but excited.when we came inside the hall at Kingsley the judges welcomed us in and told us to take a seat anywherewe want where ever the chess board are.They also told us to wait a couple of minutes.After 3 minutes we had to pair up with someone not from our school but Shlok , Zayd (my friends) and I were against the judges.Meanwhile,some of us finished we had our lunch break.There was pizza,sweets,mango juice and orange, Pepsi Max and crisps.After we had our lunch we had our lunch a women announced the starplayer.Then we put our coats on and went to our school mini bus.When we arrived back at our school we were very pleased, proud of ourselves for giving it all.

By Kuba Talaga

Year 5 Scarlet class