Year 6 Project

On Wednesday 4th January, Year 6 made light boxes out of  shoe boxes . We had to bring a shoe box from home, as part of our homework. We got in to partners with the person beside us. Firstly, we blocked all the holes that were already on the shoe box. After that, we cut a flip-flap on the top of the box. Then, we made a pencil hole on one of the sides. As a light source we used a torch. Inside the box we put an object. After that, our partners held the torch above the flap while we looked through the pencil hole. When we looked through the pencil hole we could see the object very clearly  because there was a light source. On the other hand, without the light source we could not see anything.

-Manraaj and Shubham


The experiment was very satisfying because our predictions were correct.