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Heathrow Coding Challenge

The year sixes were very lucky to have some special visitors from Heathrow Airport.  They set us a coding challenge in groups of three. We had to work as a team to finish many tasks for example coding five trucks on scratch to make them move into their correct positions and doing a maths challenge.


It was great fun and the winners won a prize, also getting a handshake with the visitors from Heathrow airport. They also got a picture taken with them. We were taught how different types of cargo had to be delivered.


Over all, it is highly  recommended by the year sixes. We really enjoyed it and  can’t wait  for you to try it out. We hope that  you will also have as much fun as we did.

By Sehar, Salma, Muqadsa and Emily.

Sketchbooks of the week!

Miss Bentley showed us her holiday sketchbook to give us some ideas. We have to try to fit lots of work into one page and set it out in an imaginative way. You can write in it, draw in it, you can stick things in. We are the only people allowed to work in our sketchbooks.

Year 5


Year 6

Year 4


The London Eye

On the 4th July we went to London to ride the Eye.  To get to London we had to get on the Piccadilly line to Hammersmith and the district line to Westminster, all together it took roughly about 45 Minutes to get to London.

When we were on the Eye we could see Big Ben and Buckingham palace. It took half an hour to go round. When we got off we went to the Jubilee Park to eat lunch. After a lovely lunch, we went to get ice cream and we walked through St James’s Park to Buckingham Palace.  There, we saw the Canadian War Memorial.

On the way home the Piccadilly line was packed. We were very tired but we had a good day overall.

Thank you to all the teachers that helped us with the trip.

From Ruby class