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The London Eye

On the 4th July we went to London to ride the Eye.  To get to London we had to get on the Piccadilly line to Hammersmith and the district line to Westminster, all together it took roughly about 45 Minutes to get to London.

When we were on the Eye we could see Big Ben and Buckingham palace. It took half an hour to go round. When we got off we went to the Jubilee Park to eat lunch. After a lovely lunch, we went to get ice cream and we walked through St James’s Park to Buckingham Palace.  There, we saw the Canadian War Memorial.

On the way home the Piccadilly line was packed. We were very tired but we had a good day overall.

Thank you to all the teachers that helped us with the trip.

From Ruby class


Rosie Postie’s Postal Paradise

Year One went to visit Rosie Postie at the Postal Museum in London.

We had a brilliant time! We got to learn about the first ever stamp called the Penny Black and designed our own stamp. We also acted out the story of the Post that was delayed by a lioness. We were Protectors of the Post.

There was a MASSIVE playarea that was like a little town and everything us Jolly Posties needed to deliver the letters to the town.

We then visited the museum and saw how they used to deliver post and how it has changed.


Jasmine Class were even filmed for the Postal Museum’s Learning Programme…. Watch this space we are going to be stars!!

Feathers Fun

So today in art we made a load of different feathers. Some were on baking paper, some used ink and some we made out of felt and fabric. In the ink we used sticks to draw feathers all kinds of different shapes and sizes. On the baking paper we used graphite. The ink was hard because you had to try not to use too much and the sewing was hard to make because some looked like leaves. I liked the sewing and the baking paper because it looked so cool as it came out and it was really easy to draw on.

Ruby Class